About Christy


Hello my name is Christy and I’m the author behind this blog. I’m a small town girl who grew up on a farm in Eastern Washington. I graduated in 2013 from Washington State University with a BA in Humanities and a double minor in Communications and Sociology. I’m a huge Cougar Athletics fan even if we aren’t winning many football or basketball games! There is just something special and unique about wearing crimson and grey and yelling out GOOO COUGS!!!

Some of my biggest passions in life are my horses and anything that has to do with the Sport of Rodeo. I currently train and compete with my horses at barrel racing jackpots here in Utah where I am currently living. My future goal is to compete on the Pro Rodeo Circuit in a few years. I have been riding and competing with horses in numerous disciplines for the majority of my life. They consume a lot of my time, energy, and money! Another passion of mine is photography and graphic design. I currently run a side hobby/business called C.L. Fleener Photography & Design. I love being creative, capturing memories, and finding beautiful landscapes. My other hobbies include blogging, painting, and exploring the outdoors.

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I started New Dirt N’ Old Boots in November of 2015, shortly after moving down to Utah to be closer to boyfriend while he is finishing up school. Since I do not have many friends nor family down here, I thought blogging would be a great way to spend some of my time. I forgot how much I love writing so it has become a slight addiction especially when it is mixed with a cup of coffee or a mocha! My blog has been a fun hobby, but I would like it to continue to grow into something more. I really enjoy freelance writing and it would be fun to turn it into a business and include sponsors in my blog posts. Those are some future goals for this blog!

As for now you will find a mix of lifestyle, equine, rodeo, fashion, interior design and many more topics! This blog will follow my journey of life and experiences living away from home and trying to find myself. So please relax, grab some coffee, tea or wine and I hope you enjoy reading my journey!

xoxo Christy

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