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2016 NFR Barrel Racing: Round 6

NFR Round 6: Barrel Racing


How ’bout round 6 everyone? Can you believe Round 7 is tonight!! I sure can’t!  We are on the downhill slope of the NFR. Round 6 was interesting! There were some horse changes, lots of hit barrels, some slower times and some really fast times! Round 6 was kind of all over the place. It will be interesting to see how Round 7 goes. We will find out tonight.

Congratulations Kimmie and Foxy!


You know how I mentioned that it has been interesting to see a new round winner in the last 5 rounds of the NFR? Well Kimmie Wall decided to rock that theory in Round 6 and won another go round last night! Her and Foxy ran a SUPER fast run of 13.46 seconds! Just nine one hundredths off of Taylor Jacobs 13.37 arena record set in 2013. Do you think they have what it takes to beat the arena record tonight? I think they do as long as they leave all three barrels standing!


Speaking of barrels, lots of barrels were hit last night! The average was shaken up by Pam Capper who unfortunately hit a barrel when she was first out in the round. She has now dropped down to 6th place in the Average. Amberleigh Moore is still leading the average especially after splitting 4/5th place in the round with Mary Burger. Lisa Lockhart played it safe last night with a clean run, enabling her to keep second in the average (she didn’t place in the go round). Jana Beam also ran a smoking fast run of 13.57 seconds winning second place and Sherry Cervi placed third in Round 6 with a 13.72 second run.  It was an exciting round. It will be interesting to see what happens tonight in Round 7!

— Read this article here about Kimmie’s win from Barrel Horse News —

— To watch the Barrel Racing in Round 6 click here

Barrel Racing Round 6 Results:

Barrel Racing Results – 6th Go Round:
1. Kimmie Wall, 13.46, $26,230
2. Jana Bean, 13.57, $20,731
3. Sherry Cervi, 13.72, $15,654
4/5. Amberleigh Moore, 13.76, $8,885
4/5. Mary Burger, 13.76, $8,885
6. Stevi Hillman, 13.85, $4,231
7. Sarah Rose McDonald, 13.86
8. Cayla (Melby) Small, 13.94
9. Lisa Lockhart, 13.96
10. Michele McLeod, 14.04
11. Mary Walker, 18.71*
12. Pamela Capper, 18.79*
13. Ivy Conrado, 18.95*
14. Jackie Ganter, 19.23*
15. Carley Richardson, 22.83*
1. Amberleigh Moore, 82.66
2. Lisa Lockhart, 83.11
3. Kimmie Wall, 87.49
4. Sherry Cervi, 87.97
5. Jana Bean, 88.03
6. Pamela Capper, 88.11
7. Mary Burger, 88.41
8. Stevi Hillman, 89.28
9. Sarah Rose McDonald, 92.85
10. Michele McLeod, 93.10
11. Cayla (Melby) Small, 93.78
12. Mary Walker, 94.25
13. Jackie Ganter, 94.41
14. Carley Richardson, 103.34
15. Ivy Conrado, 84.51 (on five runs)
Current World Standings -Round 6
1. Mary Burger; $229,323
2. Kimmie Wall; $190,987
3. Lisa Lockhart; $170,321
4. Amberleigh Moore; $159,722
5. Sherry Cervi, $159,256
6. Michele McLeod; $144,707
7. Jackie Ganter; $142,041
8. Pamela Capper; $139,389
9. Jana Bean; $135,605
10. Ivy Conrado; $134,276
11. Sarah Rose McDonald; $126,864
12. Stevi Hillman; $125,643
13. Mary Walker; $122,816
14. Cayla Melby Small; $101,967
15. Carley Richardson; $95,106
Original World Standings:
1. Mary Burger; $190, 977
2. Jackie Ganter; $116,387
3. Mary Walker; $112,816
4. Ivy Conrado; $116,160
5. Kimmie Wall; $107,795
6. Stevi Hillman; $104,643
7. Lisa Lockhart; $100,244
8. Sarah Rose McDonald; $89,364
9. Michele McLeod; $87,745
10. Cayla Melby Small; $87,737
11. Pamela Capper; $87, 505
12. Sherry Cervi; $83,679
13. Carley Richardson; $80,875
14. Jana Bean; $80,336
15. Amberleigh Moore; $79,068


Fun Facts about the Round 6 winning Barrel Racer:

Name: Kimmie Wall
NFR Back Number: 24
Hometown: Roosevelt, UT
NFR Qualifications: 1
Joined WPRA: 2014
Horse: TKW Bullys Famous Fox “Foxy”- 8 year old Mare

WPRA Contestant Quick Minute:

Top two highlights (excluding qualifying for NFR):

Winning the Champions Challenge in Redding, Calif., and winning the Clark County Fair and Rodeo in Logandale, Nev.

Most looking forward to doing/experiencing in Las Vegas:

It is every little girls dream that has ever ran around a barrel to run down the alley at the Thomas and Mack and I actually get to do it!

In 10 words or less describe your 2016 season:

Dreams really do come true – never give up!

How do you think you will feel coming down the alley for the first time at the Thomas and Mack?

I think it will be a little emotional. Not only for me but my family who has worked so hard and sacrificed so much to make this a reality.

Describe your horse’s running and turning style and how they will do with the Thomas and Mack set-up:

Foxy runs hard and turns hard. She likes to have a little ground under her feet. The size of the pens doesn’t seem to matter. She just really loves her job. The alleyway at the Thomas and Mack will be tricky but Foxy will really like the atmosphere at the Wrangler NFR.

*Information is provided from the WPRA website*

The Rundown w/ Kimmie Wall- from the Barrel Racing Report

Saddle: Cactus Flex Tree and Dynamic Edge
Pad: Cactus Wool blend Pad
Leg Gear: Cactus Gear and Dynamic Edge
Bit: Simplicity Smooth Mouth
Head Gear: Loose tie-down, rubber reins by Cactus
Feed: Purina Ultium
Hay: Alfalfa a.m/p.m. Grass hay 24/7
Supplements: Platinum Performance CJ, Platinum Gastric Support, Platinum Longevity
Sponsors: Cactus Saddlery, Cactus Gear, Dynamic Edge, Ranchdress’n, Platinum Performance, Purina, Three Wise Chicks, Glam and Grit, Sore No More

The 2016 NFR Performance Schedule: 

Dates: December 1st-December 10th

Time: 6:45 pm Pacific Time

Watch the NFR Live on TV on CBS Sports! Direct TV – CBS Sports Channel 221
Dish – CBS Sports Channel 158

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