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A Look Inside My Tackroom: Part 4


Good Morning Everyone,

In case you haven’t heard, Smith Brothers Western Tack Store is closing! I’m sad they are closing because they always have a great selection and prices on quality western tack, clothing, and general horse supplies and equipment. So I went through their website and looked up some similar items that I can not live with out. I might have to restock on some of these due to the prices especially since they are currently 30% off!!!

English riders, you might be able to find some great deals on tack and supplies too! Be sure to check them out!

Horse Blankets:

0023156_blackice 1. Kensington Poly Cotton Day Sheet- multiple colors/patterns: Smith Brothers – $71.99

Day sheets always come in handy especially this time of the year  and in the spring when temperatures are still in the upper 60s-70s during the day but above 40 degrees at night. They also work great during the summer to keep your horse clean for shows and competitions! I love the selection of colors and patterns that  Smith Brothers still has in stock! Better grab one now before they start running low on sizing options! Great price too!


2. Open Range Supreme Mid-Weight Turnout Blanket – multiple colors: Smith Brothers – $82.49

I love mid-weight blankets this time of year. They are perfect for cold temperatures at night and temperatures above 40 degrees during the day. Smith Brothers also has this blanket in a heavy weight version for only $89.99 if your looking for a blanket for very cold temperatures when winter hits hard! I like the classy colors they offer and the reviews on these blankets are great! I might need to get one of the mid weight blankets for my gelding since he only has a heavy weight blanket. Great price on these since they are usually above $200!!!

Spurs and Straps:


3. Black Satin Floral Cross Spur: Smith Brothers – $39.74

How adorable is this spur design? I love it! I’ve always been a big fan of the floral silver designs on spurs, I have a few in antique brown but I have never bought any in black. I love the cross detail on this spur design also. It has a great meaning to it. Not to mention the price is great! It’s hard to find these types of spurs for less than $50! Smith Brothers still has a good selection of spurs if you are looking for some- this one was my favorite! They all are on sale right now, so act fast! 0025324

4. Belt Style Spur Straps: Smith Brothers – $29.99

If you are in the market for buying new spurs, you might as well buy some new spur straps! Smith Brothers has a huge selection on sale so be sure to check them out! I mean $29.99 for these gorgeous spur straps? You can’t find prices like that anywhere! These are my favorite because I love the turquoise color. Turquoise goes great with both of my horses and I love the extra bling with studs and buckles! I’m a huge fan of the leather and studs antique look and design also.

Saddles, Tack Sets and Reins:


5. Martin Saddlery Barrel Racer Saddle: Smith Brothers – $2429.99

This is a great deal on a Martin Barrel Racer Saddle! Oh my! I’m not currently in the market for a new saddle, but this price is pretty hard to pass up. I use a Martin Saddle very similar to this one on my gelding and I love it! It has a great seat that allows you to sit down deep in your turns and move forward on the straight stretches of the barrel pattern. It keeps you nice and secure and is very comfy! Martin Saddlery is top quality and very durable. I love the adjustable rigging, it is a huge bonus and not a lot of saddle companies have anything similar. Smith Brothers has some awesome deals of all types of western saddles, be sure to check them out if you are looking for a new one!


6. Bar H Equine Crystal Square Browband Headstall: Smith Brothers – $167.99

This is a gorgeous headstall with some fancy looking bling! I really like the conchos on this headstall. I love blingy headstalls, I wish I had more money to buy a bunch of them but they are spendy! This is a great deal though, if you are in the market for a new fancy headstall! The matching breast collar is a great deal too! Click Here to check it out!


7. Bar H Equine Native Pride Western Breast Collar: Smith Brothers – $123.99

I’m loving this breast collar! The painted leather trend is very popular nowadays. I also love the feathers and arrows on this breast collar. I still have yet to buy a breast collar with the painted leather so this might be a nice buy for me. Very adorable, flashy but also very classy! Smith brothers has a nice selection of breast collars on sale!


8. Cactus Saddlery Harness Leather Split Reins: Smith Brothers – $31.99

I don’t know about you, but I’m always in need of multiple pairs of reins. I love split reins, I do most of my training work in split reins. I like reins that last for a long time and are firm but soft to touch. I’ve purchased quite a few reins over the years and the cheaply made ones don’t do me any justice. My advice, avoid any leather that is made from INDIA! It is cheap, thin and does not hold up. Trust me it is worth the money to pay more for a good quality set of reins! I have had a lot of luck buying harness leather in the past. It is durable and breaks in well. I have used Cactus brand reins in the past and really liked them. You can’t beat the price of these right now and it is always nice to have an extra set of reins lying around


9. Cactus Harness Latigo Laced Barrel Rein: Smith Brothers – $35.99

These are by far my favorite barrel racing reins! They provide lots of grip, are large but not to large to hurt your hands (ladies you know what I mean), and they are mold to your hand well but are still firm so it is hard to drop them while barrel racing. I need to buy another pair so I am very glad these are on sale,  $35.99 is a great deal! If you are a barrel racer, I highly recommend these!

Side note: I like riding in these without the bolt snaps, it’s a personal preference.

Miscellaneous Tack:


10. Professional’s Choice Lambskin Lined Cinch: Smith Brothers – $60.79

I absolutely love this cinch. I currently use it on my mare. It is very soft and comfortable for your horse. I have owned mine for over a year now, and it still cleans off easy. It is very durable and it dries off well if your horse gets sweaty. I also haven’t had any issues of it causing any sores or chaffing! This price is a steal!


11. Engraved Hoof Pick- multiple western designs: Smith Brothers – $7.99

A horseman is always in need of hoof picks! I happen to lose mine all the time so having an abundance of them is necessary. I have always wanted an engraved one though, but I’m worried about loosing it! Smith Brothers has these on sale for a great price. I don’t think I would feel as bad if I lost this one! If I bought this, I would put this pick in my barrel saddle’s hoof pick holder. I was also thinking it would be a fun item to add to a decoration? Maybe a photo frame or western wall decor? I will have to do some brainstorming on projects to use it in.

What do you guys think of these products and prices? Be sure to check out Smith Brothers before they close! You might get one heck of a deal!


4 thoughts on “A Look Inside My Tackroom: Part 4

    1. Oh I know! They just sent out an email saying everything is 40% off now! I might not be able to refrain myself. I could use some more winter blankets!


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