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The Blissful Season of Autumn


Autumn, is always a blissful season. The change of the season brings color into our lives and the crisp air gives us relief from the summer heat. We also find joy and excitement of the upcoming holiday season that is quickly approaching.


As we head quickly towards November, I recommend that we all do not get wrapped up in the artificial essence of fall, the pumpkin flavored drinks and desserts, scarves, uggs and fall fashion. I’m guilty of it too, but there is a stronger meaning of fall that our society often neglects.


As I try to look more into the meaning of fall, I love the bright change in the trees. I love the orange, red, and yellow leaves that vibrantly fill up the country sides and city streets. I love the meaning of the leaves falling as they give us hope for the start of an upcoming new year as we head into winter. They resemble the end of a season, a year, and a new start ahead. I try to picture each falling leaf as a symbol for each challenge I have had this year, as the leaf hits the ground the challenge falls into the past. As each leaf falls the promise of new leaves growing blooming begins after the New Year begins. To me it is a promise of new hope and growth in our lives. That is what fall means to me, a symbolism of a fresh new year and start ahead.


Use the remaining fall season to reflect on the things in your life that you are thankful for, the challenges you have overcome, and the strengths you have put forth. Be thankful for your family, friends and significant others as they have brought meaning and support into your life. Be thankful for farmers and ranchers who worked hard during the summer/fall harvest season to bring forth the nations food. Even though fall may be a downtime at work for some, give thanks to farmers who continue to work hard after harvest to get their fields/orchards ready for winter and crops ready for the new year (my dad being one of them). This fall, I’ve also learned to be thankful for time spent with my boyfriend as hunting season blooms and having a full freezer of meat from hunting season this year and last. As October ends, I’m grateful to head into November and to celebrate one of my favorite holidays Thanksgiving.


As I’ve been updating my new photography blog, I came across these photographs. I captured the essence of Autumn in the University of Idaho Arboretum a few years ago while I was recovering from a bad breakup.

Click Here to see the full album —


At the time, I was still a bit depressed, lost, and sad from the break up. It was with a guy who I had been best friends with through high school, not only did we break up romantically but we lost a long friendship. I decided I needed to get my mind of things and get outside and enjoy the season. Once I started shooting photographs my worries went away as found joy in the abundance of fall colors. Some of my best photography work was the result from the pain and sorrow I was experiencing at the time. I was lost for hours in the arboretum photographing that day. The feeling I felt after the session was indescribable, especially when I started reviewing my work afterwords. I felt driven and confident. The break up reminded me of my passion for photography and it helped me realize who I am as a person.


Looking back on that break up, I’m glad it happened because I am found an amazing man a few years afterword. The break up opened a lot of doors for me and helped me realize my true joys in the world.

As I look to my life now, my significant other and I are heading into time of change and relocating this holiday season as he finishes up school in December. We have both started job searching and are unsure about where we will be moving to. I have been very anxious lately and worried about what the future will bring. I wrote this blog post was a reminder that I need to take more time to find peace in the fall season. I also need to be more patient and thankful in this time of stress and worry. I need to take time to simply enjoy the present and not dwell on the future.


What does fall mean to you? Are you excited for the month of November and Thanksgiving?

| Photography by Christy Fleener author of New Dirt N Old Boots |  Click Here to see the full album|

15 thoughts on “The Blissful Season of Autumn

  1. This is a wonderful reminder to appreciate this season for all of its wonderful and beautiful changes and the promise of new beginnings! What a great perspective 🙂 I’m glad you were able to see how your breakup opened new doors for you. I’ve had similar experiences and it is humbling to see how when things don’t go our way or how we expected them to, it is not the end! 🙂 You’re a very gifted photographer! Keep up the great work and the beautiful pictures!


  2. Wow! Your photos are stunning!
    Autumn is definitely my favorite season and I love everything about it. I do love the flavors, scents, and fashion, but I also love the weather, the breeze, the crunch under my feet, and the visible creativity of God 🙂 It makes me happy ❤


  3. This is my first real fall. Where I was we got fall for one day and usually I was working and didn’t get to see it. This year I haven’t been snapping pictures, I’ve just been wide eyed exploring! Your pictures are lovely. It’s so hard sometimes not to dwell on the future, but you sound happy at the end


    1. Oh I’m sorry, I bet it is a culture shock! California is nice though once the temperatures up North start to get below 30* and snowy! These photos also make me feel homesick too since they were taken near my home town in Northern Idaho and I’m living in Utah right now. The U of I arboretum was my favorite place to go because it had trees from all over the world, one section and it would be North American trees then go to the next and you would be in Asia and then Europe. A photographers dream.

      I would love to see Maine or anywhere else on the East Coast during the fall, that is on my bucket list!


  4. I so agree it’s almost refreshing like Spring when Autumn comes along! Everything has it’s own “crispness” and “newness” about it and of course the weather lets me wear all my favorite sweaters!


  5. I’ve been thinking a lot about the “newness” of Autumn, too. It seems a little counter intuitive since things are winding down…but the promise of the darkness and quiet of Winter really does feel like a fresh start.


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