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A Taste of Fall

Happy Thursday Everyone!

October is in full swing and fall colors are surrounding the Cache Valley. We have already woken up to a few frosty mornings ( I had to search for my ice scraper!). It’s been tough choosing outfits because it gets in the 70’s during the day but the mornings and evenings are quite chilly! Light sweaters and button down shirts have been my go to outfits.

So far my October has been full of doctoring my horse and riding my other horse. This month, I  have also been busy searching for jobs and filling out job applications. December is nearing and my boyfriend is very close to finishing school, so these next few months are going to be stressful figuring out where we are re-locating.

My boyfriend and I went on a lovely drive last weekend through Logan Canyon and we drove up to Logan peak which was an amazing view of Cache Valley here in Utah. Seriously breathtaking! We’ve been eating quite a bit of elk lately trying to make room in our freezer for some new elk meat! My boyfriend has gone on a hunting trip the rest of this week so hopefully he will bring something back. I’m beginning to love adding a hunting lifestyle to my fall traditions. While he’s away this weekend, I’m hoping to go on a bit of a fall shopping spree. I behaved myself all summer and didn’t splurge on clothes so I’m hoping to find a few new pieces for my fall and winter wardrobe.

I’m also in dire need of some new glasses! I will be completely honest with you all, I have horrible vision! Ever since I was in middle school, I have had issues seeing far away. I normally wear contacts, because I do not like the feel or look of glasses. On lazy Sundays or days where my eyes refuse to have contacts (allergies or sick days), my glasses come in quite handy. However, I’ve been in need of a new pair of glasses for quite sometime now. I think I bought my current glasses in high school and they haven’t been replaced since. They are scratched and my prescription is really old, so I can’t wear them for long or I get headaches.  Plus, my glasses are quite out of style! It has been something I keep putting off, and I need to buy a new pair sometime soon!

I was really happy to receive the opportunity from the company Warby Parker and participate in their Home Try-On Program! They have a trendy new fall selection of frames for glasses and sunglasses. Their fall collection has some beautiful colors to choose from. Their fall frames come in multiple shapes and styles at wonderful prices with prescription frames starting at $95! They are a great deal if you are looking for a trendy designer look.

Since I am in the market for some new glasses, I decided to participate in their Home Try- On Program. This program allows you to choose 5 frames and to test them out for 5 days. Warby Parker ships them to you for free and provides a pre-paid return label to return the frames. It is very quick and easy! I don’t know about you, but I love getting packages in the mail, so that makes it more exciting!  One unique feature is that you can post photos of the frames on social media and Warby Parker stylists will give you suggestions and comments on the frames using the hashtag #warbyhometryon.


These are the frames I picked out for the Home Try-On Program:

  1. Wilkie in Whiskey Tortoise


  2. Laurel in Peacock Green


  3. Duckworth in Cognac Tortoise and Bermuda Blue


  4. Chelsea in Violet Magnolia


  5. Piper in Digital Horn and Peony


I loved the colors of these frames. My favorite color was the Peacock Green and I really liked the Violet Magnolia and the Whiskey Tortoise. My favorite frame was the Wilkie. The other frames were nice, they were just a bit too trendy and large for my style. Overall, I was impressed with the quality of the frames and the customer service that Warby Parker provides. I highly recommend that you check them out if you are looking for new eye glasses or sunglasses!

img_9698Warby Parker Chelsea Glasses | Carhartt Flannel | Vanity tank top|
img_9724img_9725img_9736Warby Parker Wilkie Glasses | Carhartt Flannel | Vanity tank top | Ariat Heritage Cowboy Boots|

What are your thoughts on these frames? Have you tried any from Warby Parker?

Photo Credits: Product photography by C.L. Fleener Photography (myself) and my wonderful boyfriend (C. Ammon) took the photos of my outfit 🙂

20 thoughts on “A Taste of Fall

  1. I tried some on at home from Warby Parker, but none of the ones I picked fit me well. I have a small head/face. I did end up buying 3 pairs from Zenni Optical for $40 on Black Friday last year with a coupon, so if I were you, I’d look into that. 😉 I got two pairs of regular glasses and one pair of Rx sunglasses and they’ve held up great over the last year.


    1. I agree! Watery eyes are the worst with contacts! The Laurel frames were adorable! They had them in a variety of colors 🙂


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