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The Daddy of ’em All


Hello Everyone!

It’s FRIDAY and practically October, pretty crazy right?

Well…before we get to far into fall, I decided I should share about my trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming this summer. My boyfriend and I decided to attend the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo and Parade during Pioneer Day Weekend (Utah Holiday). Neither of us have ever been to Frontier Days but it has been something big on my bucket list for a few years now! The Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo is called the “Daddy of ’em All” because it is known as the World’s Largest Outdoor Rodeo and it brings in the top cowboys, cowgirls, horses, and rough stock from all over the Nation. The Rodeo is always held on the last full week of July.

The Trip

We headed off to Cheyenne on Thursday night of the 21st of July. We decided to split up the 6-7 hour trip so we stopped in Rawlins’, Wyoming about 4 hours away from home. It was a short stay at the hotel but we left early in the morning. I have a bad habit of needing to have coffee on road trips so I was craving some coffee before we took off – I blame it on my dad! So I told my boyfriend we weren’t leaving until we found some good coffee! Since Rawlins’ is a very small town, so small in fact I quickly found out they don’t have a Starbucks! Luckily we found a cute Coffee shop and Ice Cream parlor downtown. It reminded me of a coffee-house back home in my little town of Palouse. We both ordered some espresso drinks, I ordered a breakfast croissant and my boyfriend ordered ice cream (he is a kid at heart!)  After looking though their guest book, which was quite interesting, we drove onward to Cheyenne.

I stole a few bites of his icecream!

Finally after 3 hours of driving we made it to Cheyenne. I reserved a camp site for our tent. The camping site was packed with RV’s but the tent area wasn’t too bad. We thought it was nice that they had a covered park bench, which came in handy later when it rained off and on through the whole weekend. Once we were checked in and set up our campsite, we had the rest of the evening free. So we decided to drive to Frontier Park and check out the venue. We explored Frontier Park-where the rodeo is held, received some free gear and looked around at vendors. It was a really nice venue and we were able to figure out parking for the rodeo on Saturday. After leaving Frontier Park, we decided to explore Cheyenne a bit so we went downtown. Ironically they had a live band playing in their town square area so we hung out there for while. I tried a delicious watermelon flavored beer which was amazing and quite refreshing since it was very hot outside! Unfortunately, I still can’t remember the name of the beer and  I haven’t been able to find anything similar since! After hanging out and listening to the band we decided to get some pizza at a place nearby before heading back to the pickup. It was fun exploring downtown Cheyenne and seeing how they kept the old western theme throughout the growing city. Cheyenne is the largest city in Wyoming and is also the capital. It’s not a big city like Salt Lake, Boise, or Spokane so that made me enjoy it more. I felt like I could actually live in this city, if I ever chose city living. The camp host told us about a local rodeo which had bulls and barrel racing so we decided to check it. It was a lot of fun!

Saturday Morning we woke up very early and went back downtown to watch the Cheyenne Frontier Days Parade. It was a hot morning and since we arrived late we had to sit on the sunny side of the street. The parade however, was amazing! I have never seen a parade with so many horses and wagons! It was almost a quick glimpse of going back in time.  They also had a big piece at the end with some antique and new tractors, which my dad would have loved.


Miss Rodeo America!
The gorgeous CFD drafts!


The parade lasted for quite a while and we found another shuttle bus to head to the rodeo which started at noon. We had a little bit of time before the rodeo to grab a bite to eat at Frontier Park we also looked around at more vendors. The rodeo was amazing! The competition was tough and we cheered on a lot of top cowboys and cowgirls. They had also had lot of entertainment! The Wild horse race and the foal race were really some of my favorite new events to watch.

The Rodeo Arena!


We went back to the campsite and hung out for a while. The RV site had a pool so we decided to check it out and cool off since it was hot and sunny out again! However we didn’t stay in the pool for very long because the water was freezing cold! My boyfriend and I started talking to another couple and they suggested we check out the Outlaw bar near downtown. Since we had been drinking that evening we decided to take a cab and checked out the bar. It was huge and very western! There were multiple bar tops inside the building, a huge dance floor and a live band. The upstairs had a miniature casino and gambling area. Their outdoor area had another live band,  a big bar area, a mechanical bull, and a dummy team roping box area! It was amazing! We had an absolute blast that night! It was a perfect night to end our long weekend vacation. (Unfortunately I didn’t bring my phone so I didn’t get any photos of the night)

Sunday Morning started out slower since we didn’t have anything planned until the rodeo. The morning was started out sunny and warm so I decided to wear my sundress since it was so warm on Saturday. We headed to the rodeo and while watching the grand entry we could see these huge dark and scary clouds coming our direction. The storm did hit during the second half of the rodeo. Luckily we were under cover but we still felt the rain from the wind. By the end of the arena the storm went away and it was sunny out like nothing happened. Like I said earlier, crazy weather! It was a fun performance to watch though! I definitely recommend attending the Daddy of ’em all!

Different seats that day! You can see the storm clouds rolling in


Towards the end of the storm with blue sky heading in

After the rodeo, we took a shuttle back to the campsite and chilled out for a bit before heading back to the arena later for the Billy Currington Concert. We were pretty tired and sweaty from the day so we also cleaned up a bit. It also kept raining and thunder storming randomly that afternoon. I quickly found out Cheyenne has some interesting weather. We drove back to Frontier Park for the concert that night. I was very excited to see Billy Currington, more so than my boyfriend haha!  Ned Ledoux opened and did a wonderful job. He sounded exactly like his father Chris Ledoux. They also did a beautiful tribute to his father Chris Ledoux. It was fun reminiscing my child hood listening to Ned sing his fathers songs. Billy Currington also did a fantastic job! We had a lot of fun at his concert and he was a total blast! Overall Saturday was a busy but fun day!

Ned Ledoux opening for Billy Currington! Huge stadium in the CFD Rodeo Arena
Billy Currington!!!

Monday morning, we packed our things and left for home. It was going to be a long drive home since we were both a bit hung over. We split up the drive a bit by stopping in Laramie, Wyoming and looking at a saddle shop there. Then we survived the rest of the trek home.

Overall, Cheyenne was a total blast! I have been to tons of rodeos in my life and I will say the Daddy of ’em All is one of my favorites. I will definitely be going back there again! Next time I would love to go there with some of our friends but it was a perfect long weekend getaway for the two of us! Plus I love road trips!

P.S. > It would also be nice to compete there someday.. 😉

For more information about Cheyenne click here

Did you take any fun roadtrips this summer? Have you ever attended the Daddy of ’em All?



6 thoughts on “The Daddy of ’em All

    1. Thanks! Cheyenne, is actually a pretty big city in Wyoming. I love how they still kept the western small town theme throughout the city. 🙂


    1. It was a great parade, probably the best parade I’ve been too. I love how they kept the small town western charm in Cheyenne even though it is one of the biggest cities in Wyoming. It was a fun trip!


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time. I didn’t take a road trip this summer, but I have driven from LA to Chicago 3x during previous summers. Some of my fondest memories are on the open road and driving through (and stopping in) small towns from here to there.


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