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Why hello 27

Happy Friday Everyone!

Today is a bittersweet day.  I’m glad it’s Friday, that it is September and that today is my birthday. However, I’m sorry to see year 26 go and a bit sad to bring in year 27! Only three more years in my 20’s! Crazy right?! I still feel like I haven’t accomplished as much as I have hoped and I’m still not a 100% sure what I want to do in my life, but thats the journey!

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Here’s a quick re-cap of my 26 year:

  • On my birthday last year I made the long trek back home to Eastern Washington after a job interview in South Eastern Idaho
  • A few weeks before I had a job interview in Utah and was offered both the jobs
  • I decided to take the one in Utah because it was in the same town my boyfriend is finishing up his last year and a half in college.
  • Moved down to Utah with my two horses and started my job at USU
  • (for a more in-depth background story read these posts  Old Cowboy Boots & New Dirt and A Year in Review- 2015


  • Basically settled down and became familiar with the area
  • Found a new place to board my horses
  • Went to my first Utah barrel race in Ogden and won a few checks!
  • Experienced my first Halloween in Utah10151187_10153470363204425_5881155586894535479_n
  • Started a blog and joined the blogging community! Read my first blog post here
  • Went dress shopping in Salt Lake City for my boyfriends Army Dining Out Event in December. My first time actually being in SLC other than in the airport! Read Here
  • This post became one of my most popular! It’s about the Paris attacks and my realization of how I am now associated with the military lifestyle!
  • Had Thanksgiving with my boyfriends family in SLC. It was a bit different than my families traditions back home which you can read about here. However it was great time and was really fun meeting his extended family on his dad’s side.
  • Wrote a few posts about my horses and horse related items: I also started to experience the cold harsh Utah winter weather!


  • Went to my first barrel race of 2016- noticed quite a few things to work on!
  • My parents visited me and we showed them around Cache Valley and went to Bear Lake. The weather was foggy so it wasn’t as fun!
  • I sold Rascal, who was at my parents house. He was my first gelding I helped birth and raise! Read about him here
  • This post became really popular among the horse bloggers! It was also shared on trot
  • My posts for February
  • I feel like March wasn’t really a big month for me. I don’t remember anything extremely special about that month other than it being my boyfriends birthday! We didn’t do much since he was busy with school though.
  • Forest, my barrel horse was in barrel boot camp with a trainer in South Eastern Idaho
  • Here are my posts from March:
  • April was another month that didn’t really have anything exciting other than Forest finishing up his time training
  • My boyfriend and I also decided to move in with each other in May, so we searched and found a town house to live in. I also did some house decor shopping when I went to pickup Forest with a friend in Idaho Falls. Read my check in post here.
  • Not a big blogging month! I posted another tackroom post.
  • May was a busy month, we moved into our new place shortly after my boyfriend finished finals. Read Hello May!
  • I went to a barrel race, where Forest improved quit a bit! Read Weekend at the Races
  • The same weekend of the barrel race my boyfriend left for summer field camp school in Southern Utah for the rest of the Month. I filled some of my alone time decorating the new place! Read Weekend at the Races
  • In the middle of the month we were reunited at my cousins wedding back home. I was able to spend a few days back home and visited friends and family. I also sold my beloved horse named Ginger, which was very bittersweet. She is doing great with her new owner though! Read my post that covered my trip home: Wednesday, wait no.. Friday confessions
  • I also decided to start an at home study for Equine Massage, with hopes of a possible career change
  • July started out rough with Forest catching his hoof in the fence. He spent the moth
  • July was a good month. For the fourth of July we watched the fireworks in our town and drove up to Idaho Falls to spend the weekend with some friend. It was a fun weekend! I bought a Keurig that weekend. Read Currently loving… my new Keurig!
  • One big happening was attending the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo in Cheyenne Wyoming over Pioneer Days Weekend, which I forgot to report on the blog! July was a busy month. Utah gets two holidays in July by the way so that was a lot of fun. We camped out, watched the parade, went to two rodeo performances and saw Billy Currington! I definitely recommend it! One day I hope to compete there!
  • My boyfriend decided to work harvest for my dad back in Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho for a few weeks before he had to go back to school.
  • While he was away, I participated in Blogilates’ PIIT 28 workout challenge program. I hope to do a recent post about it! I just received my completion tank in the mail recently. Great program!
  • I basically spent the month training my horses, working out and studying Equine Massage and watching the equine events of the Olympics. I kept very busy! Read my Olympic Review post Why Equestrian Sports will never be mainstream It was also published on Trot
  • My boyfriend arrived back the weekend before the 29th which is when school started.
  • I also wrote this fun post about fall fashion! Cowgirl Style: Fall Outfits
  • September!!! Ahh fall is near! hello, September
  • Labor Day weekend we my boyfriend and I went camping. It was a lot of fun! Went shooting and shot some archery videos. Ate way too much food and drank a bit too much. We also played a lot of card games! Be careful when making a “war” into a drinking game!
  • Finally my Birthday! I will be spending the weekend running barrels! Stay tuned for a re-cap post. Here is a re-cap from this past year with barrels. A Barrel Racer’s Summertime Blues

 Some hopes for year 27!! Bring it on 27!

  • Move out of Utah once my boyfriend graduates. Not sure where yet, but I can’t wait to start a new adventure together in a new area- hopefully we will be a bit closer to my parents in Eastern WA. *fingers crossed*
  • Switch to a better job/career when we move!
  • Get a dog when we move
  • Find a place to live that allows horses so I don’t have to board anymore
  • Finish studying my Equine Massage program and complete the practicuum this spring. Hopefully start my own business in the spring/summer
  • Get Forest running consistently in the 2D/3D categories and hopefully the 1D by summer
  • Finish training Roxy and compete in the futurities this summer
  • Stay fit, active and healthy. I would like to find a more active job instead of sitting at a desk all day
  • Stay in touch with all my friends and family members
  • Own my 27th year and fully enjoy my final few years of my twenties

Anyone else out there coming to the end of their twenties?



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