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Cowgirl Style: Fall Outfits


Happy Wednesday everyone!

First of all, if you are not a “cowgirl” please don’t be intimidated by the term “cowgirl style,” because most of these are not strictly for cowgirls or country girls, almost anyone can wear these if they enjoy fun casual clothes!

Fall is quickly approaching, I can’t believe it is almost September! It is still in the high 80’s/90’s here in Utah, but the temperatures are starting to drop once the sun goes down.

Honestly, fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the changes of colors in the trees and plants. I also like being able to cover up a bit and stay cozy without being extremely cold like winter time. I like being able to transition from iced coffee to hot coffee drinks. I’m not a huge fan of the PSL lattes, but I do enjoy Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Latte’s, Chai Tea, and the salted caramel drinks.

For us Equestrians, fall is lovely time of year. The flies start to go away and you aren’t as sweaty after exercising your horse. There are also a few more competitions to go to before winter hits.

As for clothes, I love the deeper reddish and brown hues that come into fashion. This year it seems like loose almost wavy sleeves are in style. Aztec prints are always a favorite of mine, same with plaid, and lace accents. I’m also becoming a fan of some fringe accents.

Since I did a “Cowgirl Style: Summer Outfits” post. I thought I would do one for fall. So here are a few clothing choices from Rods Western Wear and National Ropers Supply.  I hope you enjoy them! One thing about western clothing stores, is that clothing prices tend to be pricey, but both of these stores have great clearance sales, so you might have to wait till mid fall to purchase these! (All opinions are my own)

  1. Midwest Mint Top from Rods Western Wear $39.95

    Rod’s has this top in multiple colors and lace combinations. Personally I love the Mint color. It is still lightweight so it is perfect for early fall when the weather is still a bit warm but cools off in the evenings. The mint color pops so you can add it to your spring wardrobe also later on.  This top can be dressed up and down, very versatile and adorable.                                                                                                                                             Rods Midwest Mint Top

  2. Grey Stripe Karissa Top from Rods Western Wear $39.95

    For fall fashion, I love wearing comfortable long sleeve shirts like this. This one is very unique with the floral cut out pattern down the back. I think it is very casual but fun with the floral cut out pattern. It looks really comfortable too!                                       10505

  3. Birmingham Beauty Cardigan from Rods Western Wear $39.95

    This adorable Aztec cardigan screams fall! Am I right?! I just love the colors and the patterns on it. The fringe is a fun accent that makes it seem loose and comfy! It would be adorable with some skinny jeans and riding style boots or of course cowboy boots!                    10433

  4. Country Charmer Wine Top $24.99 and Canby Crochet Vest $24.99 from Rods Western Wear

    This is a combination top. While looking through their online catalog, I first saw the “Country Charmer Wine Top” and thought it was adorable, then I saw it mixed with this adorable “Canby Crochet Vest” and thought it was a perfect outfit. Talk about fun and comfortable! I absolutely love the reddish wine color. Definitely one of my favorites for fall. It is the perfect versatile top with or without the vest. Wear it with jeans or black skinny’s with riding boots… so many options. You can also use the vest with other outfits too!


  5.  Panhandle Harmony Ranch Plaid Top from Rods Western Wear $44.95

    Since we are talking about Fall outfits you have to include plaid! I mean, come on, it’s tradition! This is a pretty classic plaid shirt but I’m loving the rustic fall colors and the pattern design is very catchy! Wear it as a casual top or if you are an equestrian use it as a western competition shirt.  Lots of options with this one!


  6. Cinch Scarlett Blouse from Rods Western Wear $54.95

    Cinch is coming out with some gorgeous western shirt options for ladies this year. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Cinch used to be a men’s clothing brand but they have recently started a women clothing line. Back to the Wine color I mentioned earlier, I’m loving this western shirt. I mean look at that gorgeous color! Perfect for fall and it would go with both of my horses in the show pen! It can be worn casually or in the show pen! 6092

  7. Wrangler Turquoise Faux Suede Fringe Jacket from National Ropers Supply $54.99 

    Umm how adorable is this jacket? I love it! I’m having a hard time not ordering one right now actually! I might wait until my next paycheck, if I can stand out for another week! I love the vintage western look and the fringe is a fun accent that isn’t over board. Perfect for a date night or a night out dancing! 58543-DEFAULT-l

  8. Cruel Girl Lightweight Turquoise & Black Quilted Hybrid Jacket from National Ropers Supply $79.98

    I’m a big fan of turquoise and this lightweight jacket is adorable! Very casual! Perfect for fall or spring weather. I like the black outline and the quilted pattern is catchy!

    For Equestrians, Lightweight jackets are my go to during the fall and most winter weather. I hate riding horses with baggy heavy jackets! I like closer fitting jackets. If the weather is cold I usually pair them up with a Northface or Columbia type fleece underneath, so I always try to get a bigger size so I can layer up! 37314-DEFAULT-l

  9. Grace In LA Texas Sky Slim fit Jean from Rods Western Wear – $69.95

    I’m loving these jeans! I haven’t tried Grace in LA but I have seen them for sale at a few vendors at some horse competitions recently. They look like they are pretty good quality. I love the pattern on the patch of these jeans. Flashy but not too gaudy!8267_1

  10. Miss Me Southern Drawl Jean from Rods Western Wear – $99.95

    I’m a big fan of Miss Me’s. They aren’t as flashy as most, but they still have a bit of bling on the pockets but not too gaudy. These can be very versatile!

    Miss Me Southern Drawl Jean.jpg

11. Women’s Corral Dark Chedron Teal Handtooled Cowboy Boots from National Ropers Supply– $379.99

“These boots were made for walking…” Corral Boots always has the prettiest designs! I love the vintage look of these ones, with the teal accents. The leather color is rich and stunningly gorgeous! I wish they weren’t so spendy, but hand tooled boots are a gem!


12. Montana West San Andreas Adventure Concealed Carry Tote from Rods Western Wear – $44.95

Lastly, this Montana West bag is perfect for fall. I love the reddish and blue hues with the fun Aztec and Navajo print. Very western and fun! The price isn’t to bad either.    26114


Well that sums it up for now! What do you think? Do you like any of these styles? Which are your favorite?


24 thoughts on “Cowgirl Style: Fall Outfits

  1. SO flipping cute! Even though I’m an Alabama girl, we currently live in Kansas, so I could totally away with dressing like this every day. 🙂 Love these picks!

    Liked by 1 person

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