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Currently loving… my new Keurig!

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been lacking on the blog posts lately so I apologize! This summer is moving by so fast, I don’t know where my time is going I’ve been busy busy busy! So I decided to jump on the “currently loving” type post band wagon, mainly because I need more positivity in my life and I find it helpful to think about things in my life that I’m thankful for.

If you follow me on Snapchat, on Fourth of July weekend my boyfriend and I bought our first Keurig together. By the way, if you haven’t added me on Snapchat yet please do, my username is christy.lynnf89 🙂

Anyways,  I have been wanting one for years, but have always been nervous about having one around roommates- I’m a bit possessive about more expensive household items. So this was a great opportunity for us to get one since we both recently moved in with each other about two months ago. We felt very “adult” when we went into Target searching for a new Keurig! Target had so many different colors it was hard to choose which Keurig to buy! At first I wanted the pretty Sandy Pearl colored one. We grabbed a few things for it and then started heading towards the end of the aisle when I found the new Oasis color which was being featured. Not sure how I passed it at first,  but I fell in love with the adorable color, which you can already find all over our town house and in my wardrobe haha!


We also picked up some Donut Shop K cups and a K-Cup organizer to put underneath the Keurig. Later that weekend we went to Sam’s Club and found some other great deals on other K Cups! I found some delicious cappuccino flavored ones, that I’m quickly becoming  addicted too!


If you couldn’t tell I’m loving my adorable Keurig 2.0! I think it will really pay off in the end, because I haven’t taken a trip to Starbucks since I have bought it! Paying about $5-$6 per drink at Starbucks adds up and the calories add up too! Keurig’s can be pretty cost efficient if your research prices on the K cups and the calories are quite a bit lower, even for the sugary ones! Plus it is easy and convenient when I’m rushing off to work in the morning- a lot easier then preparing a pot of coffee. It is also nice to have the hot water option for oatmeal or tea, which I also love! I’m sure I will make a trip to Starbucks in the near future ( I am a true Washingtonian, it’s in my blood) but my Keurig is doing a great job for now! If you haven’t jumped on the Keurig bandwagon yet and you love coffee and fufu drinks, I highly encourage it! I’m excited to try out other flavors!


Other Friday Favorites:

-Teen Mom 2: Catching up on Season 7… let’s just say drama drama drama!

-Greys Anatomy: Catching up on Season 13 on Hulu

Blogilates  July Calendar! -Cassey has some tough workouts this month! Her bright personality makes working out so much fun! I’m already seeing a difference in building up my core

-Maren Morris’ music! She’s awesome!

-Weekend days spent hanging out by the reservoir nearby and floating on the water

-Summer nights and mornings spent out at the barn with my horses

Do you have a Keurig? What are your favorite drinks for it? Any recommendations? What are some of your Friday Favorites?


7 thoughts on “Currently loving… my new Keurig!

  1. this is such a funny post, but I totally get it. I’m head over heals in love with my coffee maker, well I guess its an espresso maker. I started with the Keurig and then I wanted my morning coffee to taste just like my sweet yummy drinks I get at Starbucks. We have a Tassimo and they have a sweet caramel latte and a sweet french vanilla latte with the milk pod and the espresso pod. They’re insanely good and I get all frantic when I run out and forget to order more. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime and one-day shipping!!


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