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Dash for Dollars Re-Cap


Hi Everyone,

I’m a bit behind on my posts right now! June is flying by, so I’m playing catch up this week!

So the weekend of June 10-12th I went to a race in Ogden, Utah called the Dash For Dollars. I went to work in the morning and left around noon to head down the race. Well once I got to the barn, the afternoon started out pretty rough!  I was hoping to head straight down to Ogden so I could do some Time Only’s on Forest that afternoon. Forest usually loads great in the trailer so that didn’t cross my mind, until I tried loading him and he completely refused-lets just say he was being very stubborn and lazy. Luckily the boarding barn owner was there so he helped me get Forest in the trailer. We were still good on time until I pulled onto I-15 and we hit the road construction area that caused a few accidents which put us at a standstill and a whopping 5- 10 miles per hour stop and go traffic. I felt so bad for Forest because it was over 90 degrees out! Plus, stop and go traffic on an interstate freaks me out especially when hauling a horse trailer! After waiting in the stop and go traffic for over a half hour and not even being close to the arena, there was no way we were going to be able to make it for the Time Only’s, so I ended up calling the show office and let them know. It actually worked out pretty well because my farrier ended up meeting us to fix Forest’s front shoe that he slightly clipped earlier that week. I was hoping my farrier could meet us before the race later that night.

Friday Night Run

After riding Forest in the Open Arena time and getting him settled in his stall, I watched the slot barrel race, which was fun! My boyfriend met up with me shortly after. He finished up Geology Field Camp earlier that day in Southern Utah and camped out with me that weekend. I was very excited to see him and have his support throughout the weekend.

Forest and I didn’t end up running till after 9pm that evening. My goal for the weekend was to complete 3 runs with out hitting any barrels or Forest ducking any  barrels and going off pattern (which we have been struggling with lately). We ended up running a 15.985 which was a 5D time. It wasn’t our fastest time in that arena, but it was a confidence booster! Forest was listening to me very well so that was a good accomplishment in itself. We actually ended up pulling a check in this race!

Saturday Run

Saturday’s run was a lot of fun! We ended up improving our time by almost a half a second and ran a 15.528 still a 5D time which was our fastest run in this arena. Forest did great and I was happy that we were finally working as a team and not fighting against each other. It helped that we pulled a bigger check that day which was more of a confidence boost! We finished the afternoon by watching the Preakness at a fun country bar and had dinner to celebrate later that evening. I was pretty pleased with this amazing photo that the photographer at the race captured! Usually I have a funny face or Forest has a silly face, but this is by far my favorite photo yet of us! Thanks Off Topic Photography!

My favorite photo! 🙂
Forest looks cute in this one! #runforestrun

Sunday’s Run

My hope for Sunday’s run was to be down in the 14 second range, we were super close to finishing that goal and ran a 15.053 which bumped us into the 4D division. I was still very proud and happy with how Forest ran and improved his time. Even with adding a bit more speed Forest was still listening to me and not working against me. We were just slightly out of the money on this run.  It was nice having my boyfriend there taking video footage so I can see where we are loosing time and what I need to improve on and what Forest needs to improve on. We have a few races in the pen in the fall so our goal is to get in the 14 second range by then!

This one isn’t too bad either 🙂


The weekend at Dash For Dollars was successful. It was nice to have a big confidence boost especially since I went into the weekend with an uneasy feeling about how it would turn out. We still have a lot more speed to gain but we will get there. Right now the game plan is to gradually add speed each run we do, but it is important that Forest and I work as a team and we both listen to each other and not work against each other. We have a jackpot on Wednesday night so I’m excited to see how we do!

Do you have any big competitions coming up? How do you boost your confidence on your horse and over come fears?



8 thoughts on “Dash for Dollars Re-Cap

    1. Yes it helps a bunch! My mom used to video every run when I lived near her so that helped tremendously! Now we live over 12 hours apart so I don’t get videos very often, so I appreciate it when I can!


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