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Wednesday, wait no.. Friday confessions


Happy Friday everyone!

I survived my trip back to Utah from Eastern Washington. Let’s just say I’ve had enough driving hours to last me for a long time! 10-11 hours last Thursday and on Tuesday was quite the trek by myself, with a horse trailer! Although it was great seeing my family and friends! It was too short of a trip and I literally drug myself back to Utah on Tuesday, literally!

Home Sweet Home! Kamiak Butte

Quick Trip Recap:

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a week, but last Thursday I left Northern Utah and headed up to see my family in Eastern Washington. I hauled my horse trailer because I thought I might be picking up my horse and bringing her back with me to Utah. My boyfriend flew into the area late that night from Las Vegas, since he is down in Southern Idaho for Geology Field Camp. Luckily they had last Friday off for school so he could be my handsome date for my cousin’s wedding- the main reason for my trip home!

I love these photos my mom took! Even though I was having a bad hair day in the ones above!

Friday after taking the horses on a very windy trial ride, we took a trip down to Almota, WA and the Snake River Lock and Dam. We drove by the Almota Grain Elevators along the Snake River, which was where I used to work throughout my college summers. By the dam there is a Marina and campground so I showed my boyfriend those fun areas. This area was always a fun get away on the weekends during college and the summer when the weather gets warm. We drove over the Snake River Dam and went to the Illia Dunes. It’s a sandy area by the Snake River, usually full of college students partying on the weekends! Luckily we were the only people there so it was serene and relaxing! We explored the sandy area and found some mussel shells. It was very quiet and the wind died down. I’m kicking myself for not taking any photos, but we were living in the moment, so that was special! That area doesn’t have any cell phone reception, so it was nice to put the phones away. After hanging out there we drove along the Snake River and visited with my family and grandparents down in Lewiston, ID. It was a fun drive that brought back lots of memories! We ended the busy day with a bonfire at one of my friends places. It was a blast!

A photo from a few years ago while I was working alongside the Snake River. This is the area we visited. The dunes are part of the grassy area across the river in this photo

Saturday morning, was a rough but happy start to the day. I will write a more detailed post later, but I ended up selling Ginger, my horse that I’ve owned and trained for 9 years. A young gal bought her for a High school Rodeo Horse, which is wonderful! They will make a great team! Ginger was the horse I was planning on taking back to Utah, but things happen and I think it was time for us to go our separate ways, even though it is tough.

One of my favorite old photos of Ginger and I

That afternoon we went to my cousin’s wedding, out near Genesee, ID. The venue was an old barn that was renovated. They had the ceremony in front of the Old Barn and the reception was inside the barn. It was overcast and windy, but the weather held until after the wedding ceremony was over. It was great seeing all of my family and friends from Highschool. I’m very happy for my cousin and his wife! It’s been fun watching their relationship grow! We of course, had to keep my mom and my Aunt happy, so we took some photos around the venue!


This barn was gorgeous! It’s where they dressed before the wedding ceremony
Loving this photo!

Sunday came quickly, we had breakfast and took my boyfriend down to the airport. He is gone for 3 more weeks down in Southern Utah, so I was sad to see him leave. Afterwords, I had a late family lunch with my mom’s side of the family. It was hard saying goodbye to everyone! A very emotional day. I ended the day taking a long time friends daughter’s senior photos with her horse. I will post those more of those pictures on my Photography blog at a later date! It was a fun photo session.

Here’s a sneak peak of Macy and Winnie!

Monday was busy visiting with friends and we had an early birthday celebration for my mom! My dad surprised her with a new camper! I’m bummed that I will miss the camping festivities this weekend. Tuesday morning I had coffee with a friend and drove back to Utah, with an empty horse trailer. I did not pick up any new horses on the way home! Overall it was a very short trip, that was quite busy, but it was a nice break from the daily grind. I’m already homesick and I miss my family a bunch! It was great seeing everyone!

Wednesday, wait no…. Friday Confession time!

So today, I decided that I’m going to start joining the bandwagon and join in on confession Wednesdays. Yes, I realize it is Friday, but I will start doing weekly Wednesday confessions!

I confess, that my schedule is all out of whack right now from traveling, but I’m hoping I can get caught up on everything during this long 3 day weekend.

I confess, it was really hard selling my horse. I hope she is going to a great home.

I confess, I miss my boyfriend. Even though he is gone for about 3 more weeks, I really miss him. The warmer sunny weather is making me miss him more and more

I confess, I’ve been in a country music mood lately. I also can’t stop listening to Frankie Ballard’s new single: “It all started with a Beer.” It kind of reminds me of our first date. Which by the way, we met each other about a year ago now, in the middle of May! We had dinner and then he drove me around the town of Idaho Falls and we finished the night playing pool and having a few beers. We really hit it off that night, and the beer helped me relax a bit-I was nervous and rusty! It’s funny how things have progressed since then. I had no clue that we would be living together a year later!

I confess, I’m already homesick. I thought a short visit home would cure my homesickness lately but it made it worse. I really want to be closer to home. It’s been hard since my boyfriend has been gone and I don’t have a lot of close friends down here. Being alone has been good, but it also makes my anxiety rise a bit! Especially since I’ve been having some issues with my pickup! Being alone definitely reminds you of things you take for granite.

I confess, I ate way to much delicious/junk food and drank to much coffee while being home! I had to get my Dutch Brothers fix on! Plus Thomas Hammer and Red Star Coffee Co. The town I live in here in Utah, has the worst selection for coffee. I love Starbucks but back home, it’s nice to have a ton of other delicious options especially when they have cheaper prices!  Looks like I will need to start working out again this week!

I confess, I really dislike Utah. Seriously, I do not like where I’m living here in Utah. The town, the people, the horrible drivers, I hope I can stand it until we move in December/January. Don’t get me wrong the Mountains are gorgeous, but they get old after a while. I miss agriculture, the wheat fields and the Snake River.  Utah just doesn’t feel like home or a place I could see myself settling down.

I confess, I hate how I can’t find any damn Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy down here in Utah! Like seriously, it is delicious! I had some back home and I thank Samantha from The Samantha Show for recommending it on Snap Chat!

I confess, that I’m bummed that I get to spend Memorial Day weekend alone. No camping, no friends, no family. My horses are going to be sick of me!

I confess, my townhouse is a mess, with kitchen items I hauled back with me, and my bags  are not unpacked yet from the trip! I got a little carried away last night framing some prints I picked up back home and I have left everything else on the back burner. This weekend will be spent unpacking, organizing, and cleaning

Well those are my confessions for the week. Sorry that they are a bit on the negative side but it’s nice to get them off my chest!

What are some of your confessions for the week? Any fun weekend plans?







7 thoughts on “Wednesday, wait no.. Friday confessions

  1. That’s a lot of driving! It sounds like it was a great trip, except for selling your horse, although you said it was for the best. I’m sorry to hear you don’t like where you’re living now, but I hope you get to a place you like soon. Also, I LOVE Summer Shandy! We actually had them as wedding favors because that’s what they call me and my husband (Shann + Andy = Shandy) 🙂


  2. Sounds like you are going through a rough path right now. Glad there is a 3 day weekend for you to relax and take it all in. Remember all is good and just focus on what you want 🙂 Cheers


  3. I’m sorry to read that there are some situations that you don’t like :/ Just focus on the positive things on your life. God is in control!


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