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Country Decor: Adding French Flair to our Living Room


Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Over the weekend I was busy with some crafting projects for our living room and kitchen in our new townhouse apartment. Friday evening after work, I went over to Hobby Lobby and spent quite a bit of time browsing! They were having some 50% off deals on ceramics so I grabbed some little cowboy boots. I searched hard throughout many aisles of the store and come across some great deals on items that were marked 50-60% off. I found some cute flowers, burlap sack lining, a wooden basket/crate, and a fun metal wall decoration. I also stumbled across a cute candle holder that I couldn’t pass up. Let’s just say I got a bit carried away, but I thought I did a great job of sticking to items that were discounted.

My Living Room

This past weekend I decided to focus on the TV/media stand.  I have these versatile dark brown shelves that can be used horizontally or vertically for bookshelves or cubes. I picked them up at Walmart last year. They aren’t the nicest but they come in handy and I think they look nice! Currently we are using them as a media stand for our little TV. Like I said not the nicest living room furniture, but they work great for now while are lives are still in a transition/moving mode! Once we find a more permanent place to settle down we will purchase better furniture.

Anyways I’ve been contemplating what to put in the empty shelves. We both decided that we do not want our DVD’s to be displayed front and center so my quest to Hobby Lobby was to find a few fun things to decorate the box shelves. Recently I’ve been a huge fan of Fixer Upper and I love the French Country flair Joanna uses in lots of homes. It is totally my style! I’m a country girl but I love flowers so I was looking for a rustic mix of both. I made the decision that our living room theme is going to be rustic western with some floral accents. I have some western photography and items that were purchased and created earlier so instead of spending a ton of money on all new decor I wanted to use as much of those as possible.

Here is the first cube:


Well this is a prime example of the rustic western theme. I already had the vintage western lunchbox, I received it as a gift a long time ago! The mason jar is made up of the dried roses I received from Valentines day (well the ones that survived.. long story) and some fake white flowers I mixed in. The ceramic cowboy boots were my fun find at Hobby Lobby same with the burlap liner underneath everything. I really like this piece! I thought it blended in nicely!

The middle cube:


This one was pretty easy. Obviously our little DVD player lives in this cube. My boyfriend bought this picture frame awhile ago and had this photo/frame in his room in his old apartment. Eventually I might change the frame, but it seems to work for now. I bought three of the cowboy boots so I thought the third would be a fun accent for the frame. I carried over some more of the burlap sack to cover up the DVD player a bit. I thought the accents blended with the first cube above.

The third cube:


This was another easy one. I already had this awesome horse sculpture given to me a while back as a gift. I cut up some more of that burlap sack and placed it under the horse to tie in with the other cubes.

The fourth one:


So I absolutely love this flower that I found at Hobby Lobby!! I mean seriously how cute did this turn out?!  The flowers were located in the most random aisle! Not only was it a steal, but it is exactly what I was looking for! The bluish mint candle holder was what I splurged a tad bit on. Although after this all came together it was totally worth it! I can use it for a candle holder in the future, but right now I think it makes a great vase! I added the burlap underneath to tie to the rest of the cubes.

The fifth cube:


This one is another favorite. That amazing aisle that I stumbled upon, had all of these flowers and the awesome wooden crate! I was so excited that this came together so well! I covered the foam square with the burlap. I might add more burlap underneath it but for now I think it works great. The colors are fun and it adds a bit of french flare to the rustic crate.

Finished Product


Alrighty everyone here is the finished product of my TV/Media Center shelves. I think it turned out pretty well. The only thing I’m unsure about are the cube bins, but since the color is neutral I think it blends in well with the burlap sack linings and the basket. I bought those bins originally when I bought the shelves. They come in handy so I really don’t want to replace them for a while.


In this photo, I added the fun metal decor I found on sale at Hobby Lobby. We have a obnoxious doorbell box above the TV/media stand so I tried to go with a simple decoration. We are renting this place so we can’t move the box, even though I’m tempted to! The metal decor was originally a tan color so I spray painted it a light blue to go with my Idahome sign and the metal floral/candle holder in the book shelves. After looking at this photo, I think the metal decor needs to be hung a bit lower and more centered between the TV and the Door bell box. I will try to fix that soon!

Overall this was a fun weekend of crafting. I normally do not do this type of thing but it was a blast. I think it turned out pretty well!


Sooo fellow readers, what do you think of my design and creations? Trust me there will be more to come!


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