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Weekend at the Races


Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m a bit sad that the weekend is well over and I’m back into the weekly grind. I had a great weekend but it went by way to fast.


My boyfriends mom came and visited us at our new place. We had dinner for an early Mothers Day Celebration and went shopping afterwards. It was great to see her and it was a very fun trip to Walmart!


Barrel Racing Day! I had originally planned on waking up early and heading down to Ogden, Utah so Forest and I could do some Time Only’s (Practice Runs) before we raced later that morning. Well… I pushed snooze on my phone alarm and accidentally set my weekday alarm for the next one so it didn’t go off. I ended up waking up at the time I was hoping to be leaving the house! I rushed out the door, barely brushing my hair with zero make up on! Luckily I packed most of my weekend things the night before! My boyfriend helped me load everything in the Chevy and I was off to go get fuel and coffee at the gas station and then pickup Forest at the barn. Of course after I left the gas station I drove for about a minute down the highway and a bunch of cows were out on the highway and a bunch of cowboys and horses were trying to round them up. It looked like it was going to take a while, thankfully there was a driveway near by so I could turn around and go the other route to the barn. At that point, enough time had passed that I realized we were not going to make it for Time Only’s! We just needed to make sure we made it in time for our run. Once I got to the barn I hooked up the horse trailer and loaded Forest and we were off to the Golden Spike Event Center in Ogden which is about a 40 minute drive from the barn.

We arrived at Golden Spike around 9am and we drew number 16 in the Open which started at 10am. I quickly tacked up Forest, put on my western attire and we made it to the arena in time for Open Arena. I was very thankful that he could look around the arena before our run. He’s been in this arena before but they had more banners up- which can be scary! My boyfriend met us there literally right before our run. I decided to keep Forest calm and make sure he was really listening to me. Since we had some bad runs at the last race we competed at, I wanted to make sure things didn’t go south again. We completed the pattern and Forest ran a 17.929 which put us in the 5D. Our turns and lines between the barrels weren’t the best but I was pleased with Forest. He acted like he was trying hard so that’s all that really mattered to me. I’m also glad that he is consistently clocking 17’s on a standard pattern and still has a lot more speed to add.

After I ran, we put Forest away in his stall at the facility and went a watched a few more runs for about an hour or so. We then drove to Bountiful, UT to pick up some dining room chairs for our table from my boyfriend’s sisters place. His mom was down there visiting his neice and sister so we hung out down there for a while. We headed back to Ogden just in time to watch the Kentucky Derby at Buffalo Wild Wings.Congratulations to Nyquist!  It was a fun time and we were quite full when we left.

We drove back to check on Forest and feed him his dinner. He was quite content when we gave him his hay! There were a lot of trailers that cleared out of the grounds when we went back. We decided to waste some time and went to Toad’s which is a family fun place. We played a fun game of mini golf in the rain and then played some games afterwards. It was a blast even if we were a bit soaked after the mini golf game!

Mini Golf! So much fun!


Sunday morning was bittersweet. As I mentioned in this post, my boyfriend will be down in Southern Utah for a Geology Field Camp for 5 weeks. We woke up to it pouring down rain outside, which made me wake up in a not so pleasant mood. Plus I was in a sad mood and not looking forward to saying a goodbye later, even if it is temporary. After feeding Forest, we went and grabbed some coffee and breakfast at a nearby gas station. When we arrived back at Golden Spike and said our goodbyes and my boyfriend drove off. He had a 5 hour drive that day so he wanted to leave a bit early. I was proud of myself, I didn’t break out crying and I controlled my emotions very well before my run later that morning.

We drew number 84 that morning. It was interesting trying to warm Forest up in a facility that does not have a covered warm up arena. I tacked him up in his stall and we kinda hid in there. Luckily the association held a couple 5 minute open arena sessions so the riders could warm up. I was very appreciative of that! They also let us warm up while they dragged the arena after each set of 5 runners. We would rush into the arena and then find cover under the stall roof! The rain kept up all morning.

Run Forest Run!

Our run was almost a second faster then it was on Saturday. Forest ran his first time in the 16 second range on a standard! He ran a 16.826 which moved us up into the next time bracket the 4D. We were in a caught in a hole meaning if we were a  bit slower we would have won money, but I was happy we moved up to the 4D. I was very proud of him and the run was much better. We cleaned up our turns and lines and it was just a fun time! He still has lots of speed that we will gradually let out. I just want him to be calm and  comfortable about everything since he tends to get a bit worried about it.


After our run, I let Forest hang out in his stall for a bit while I got the trailer ready. It was still raining pretty hard so my pant legs were soaked! Since it was mothers day and I don’t have any kids, I was pretty pleased with how my big boy did! Lets just say I was one proud momma!

Cooling down after his run
Forest looking pretty happy with himself and loving his BOT blanket!


We loaded up and hit the road. It finally stopped raining half way through the drive. When I got closer to home it started hitting me that my boyfriend wasn’t going to be around for 5 weeks. This past week was so busy moving and riding the horses that I didn’t even have time to think about it. I just hope the time will go by quickly! It does help that we will see each other next weekend at my cousins wedding. I think the hardest part is that I don’t really have any friends down here so the though of being all alone scares me a bit. I’m hoping I can use it to my advantage and try to catch up with friends back home and focus on me, but we shall see!

How was your weekend?




8 thoughts on “Weekend at the Races

  1. That much rain with no covered warm up arena really sucks. I like the dramatic lighting for the barrel shot though. That’s a great picture.


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