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A Look Inside my Tackroom Part 3



Happy April Everyone!

This year is already flying by! All of us horse people know what April means right? SHEDDING SEASON! I don’t know about you but my horses are starting to shed like crazy!!! I’ve decided to feature some shedding and grooming products that I can not live without during this lovely season! Enjoy!

Grooming Supplies:

These are all  pretty easy to find.Valley Vet Supply  is a great source to purchase discounted items especially if you are adding grooming supplies to a big order. You can also find these at your local feed, grange or tack store. They are pretty common!

*As a side note, I’m not huge on buying expensive name brands on grooming supplies, mainly because they get dirty and for around $2-$4 they are easy to replace when they break. I once bought the expensive Olster grooming supplies and I did not like most of the brushes especially the rubber ones- they were really stiff and hard to use. Although my dog thought they were great chew toys though when he was a puppy and found them in the barn… let’s just say I was not a happy camper!  *

1. Shedding Blade: Valley Vet Supply- $3.39


It might seem pretty obvious but a shedding blade is your best friend this time of the year! They are great to use for a quick brushing to help “shed” off your horses hair. I personally like the single blade ones because they are easier for me to maneuver over the horses body in comparison to the two bladed ones. That is a personal preference though!

2. Curry Comb: Valley Vet Supply- $3.95


A bit old school, but I can’t live with out a curry comb. If your horses are in an area that has dirt and mud, these are a must have! They work for shedding too. I really like to use them on the horses intricate areas that are hard to reach with the shedding blade. For instance my horses always have mud caked under their bellies especially by their girth area. I also use them softly at the top of the horses legs. They also work well to scrape hair off of your regular brushes, saddle blankets, girths etc. They are just handy!

3. Rubber Curry Comb: Valley Vet Supply- $2.49


Rubber Curry Combs are another must have! These work great on tough areas to reach! Plus they are wonderful for caked mud and dirt on the legs, fetlock areas and face! Since they are softer than the Curry comb and shedding blade, I usually use them to try to get the hair off of my horses forehead. They work great for that- just make sure you are wearing clothes you don’t mind getting hairy and full of dandruff!

As a personal preference I like buying the smaller ones- I think they are a kid size! The larger ones are really stiff and I find them hard to use. The smaller ones fit my hand better and are more flexible. I’ve also always bought the plain black ones but Valley Vet Supply has some fun colorful glitter ones at a great price! Be sure to check them out! I always buy extras rubber curry’s because for some reason I misplace them all the time.. just like hoof picks!

4.Olster Mane and Tail Comb: Valley Vet Supply $6.49


This is the one Olster Grooming product I love! It works great for manes and tails! It is a bit expensive but it looks like Valley Vet Supply has a similar comb made by Roma that is for $2.50. The handle has a good grip to it so it doesn’t slip out of my hand like other combs do especially when you have washed your horse. They also fit well to your hand and do not pull out a bunch of hair.

5. Roma Soft Touch Mane and Tail Brush: State Line Tack Supply $4.34


These are my favorite tail brushes! They work wonders! They are some of the best tools to get shavings out of your horses tails. Plus they are easy to use on big tangles, and do not tend to pull out a bunch of hair either. Olster’s tail brush is very similar but these are about half the price. Personally, I recommend to only use these on the tails. If your horse has a really thick mane you can use these gently to get shavings out. Although, I would recommend using the comb listed above instead. The prongs are a bit too long for the manes.

6. Canter Mane & Tail Detangler: Best Horse Gear- $20.00


This has become one of my favorite Detangler/ spray in conditioner’s for horses. I use to be a big Cowboy Magic detangler fan, but I hated how greasy it made my horses manes and tails feel. This product is amazing! It smells wonderful, gives your horses manes and tails a nice shine with out grease and it makes their hair feel really soft. It also gets rid of the tangles to help make brushing easier. It is spendy but trust me it is worth it! A little bit of it goes a long way too.

Hair and Coat Supplements

7. Super 14 by Farnam: Valley Vet Supply $18.95


When I was showing my horses, we used this product all the time during shedding season and throughout the summer. It really helps improve their coats and the horses slick off nicely! It also boosts up the hair loss for a quicker shedding time. This product works great and I highly recommend it. My show horses seemed to eat it when it was mixed with grain.

Currently, I use Platinum Performance on my horses which has an added coat supplement mixed in (see the post here) so I do not use this product right now. Although, if you are not feeding a coat supplement for your horses, this is easy to add in the mix for a beautiful coat!


Spring time is here so it is time to start thinking about de-worming your horses. I personally like using Ivermectin wormers in the spring. When I was new to horses we always bought the more expensive name brands, but after a few trainers told us you can buy knock off brands for half the price we started looking for those. De-wormers are a lot like different types and kinds of toothpaste. It’s all about the packaging. Always look at the labels and analyze the contents. I always check my local grange supply and see if they have any great deals on off brands. Valley Vet Supply is another go to if you need to buy wormers in bulk. They have quite a variety of brands, I usually choose one that is 1.87 % Ivermectin.

7. Ivermectin Wormer: Valley Vet Supply $2.79


I used this paste last year and really liked it. The syringe was easy to use and the horses seemed to tolerate the flavor a bit more then others I have used! I’m really picky about the syringes but this one worked really smooth. It also is at a great price!


Well that is all for now! I figured I would add a few more products this month since I’ve been slacking on posting these! Anyways Happy Shedding Season! If you have any other products that you use to help with shedding please let me know in the comment section! Product reviews on these are also great to hear!











3 thoughts on “A Look Inside my Tackroom Part 3

    1. Laser Sheen is awesome! I used to use a bunch of it and Show Sheen in my showing days! I showed paints so it was a life savor! I might do a show supplies post in the future! Learned lost of tricks keeping the white tails and legs clean 🙂


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