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February Check-in..


Happy February!

Next Saturday will be my first barrel race for the 2016 season! I’m experiencing some major cabin fever thanks to this cold winter weather. As of now, the forecast looks good for next week, so I’m really hoping it stays that way! My parents will be visiting next weekend also so I’m excited to show them the Golden Spike Event Center down in Ogden. I will be taking Forest, my 6 year old Palomino, so I’m hoping everything will go smoothly.  Our main goal will be to have a smooth clean run. I want him to have his full attention on me and be listening to all of my commands. He has had a tendency in the past to kind of freeze up mentally and blow off a barrel. Our goal this spring will be to have more consistent smooth runs and then we will gradually add more and more speed.

Forest after a good workout at the Fairgrounds

I was only able to take him to 5 barrel races last year so he is still fairly green, so exhibitioning him will be a major key this spring and summer.

Here is a re-cap video of my mare Ginger and Forest at a few barrel races last year. I’m really hoping to bring Ginger down to Utah in May so I can get her tuned up and take her to a few races this summer 🙂

Goals for February:
-Continue Jillian’s Yoga workout every day during the week.
-Get Forest more conditioned and ready for the Salty Dash in March
-Continue spending less and meal planning
-Start working on redesigning my photography blog
-Spend more time each week staying in touch with friends and family back home
-Worry less and be more optimistic


Update on Roxy

My 4 year old filly Roxy is doing much better. She is finally off antibiotics and is healing up really nicely. For those of you who don’t know, Roxy ended up having an abscessed hock that burst open in the middle of January. It has been a long process of trying to keep it clean by flushing it with antibiotics,keeping it wrapped, giving her lots of medications and testing out a few different veterinarians. Oh and lots of veterinary bills!

Sorry for the gross images but here is the progress so far. Went from a swollen hock/leg to a draining hock. Then the abscess opened up more and split open in different areas. We had to flush out the remaining fluids with antibiotics- she was not thrilled about that! Now it is healing well and I’m hoping it won’t be a huge scar. This is definitely a first!

As of now, it’s looking like I will give her most of February off for recuperation since the lameness is finally starting to diminish. I’m pleased with the progress and hope she finishes healing up quickly! For now we will just stick to walking on the leadline while I cool down Forest until she is healed up enough to start riding!





11 thoughts on “February Check-in..

  1. Awww prayers for Roxy to get better soon! And that is so awesome that you are doing your first barrel race!! You go girl! Honestly, that is my favorite part of rodeos. Bull riding is cool, but I like to see the women do their thing too! Good luck!!


    1. Thank you! Roxy is doing much better. The barrel race went well too. We have a lot to work on this spring! It is also my favorite part of rodeo too! My boyfriend used to ride bulls so I’m starting to enjoy bull riding more 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Jillian is awesome. I’ve been trying to work out during the weekdays for about 3 weeks now and the results are starting to show! Super happy!


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