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That one horse…


Throughout my life, I have owned and ridden numerous horses. I recently worked as an assistant reining trainer who worked with over 20 head of horses each day. Every horse has a different personality, a different demeanor, different forms of elegance and beauty, different athletic abilities, different quirks, different faults, and a different attitude.

An old cowboy once told me that there will always be one horse that will stand out in comparison to all the rest that you will work with throughout your life. Similar to the love of your life, that horse is the one that comes across your mind constantly even out of thin air.  I have learned something from every horse I’ve trained and ridden, but that one horse is the one that has taught me the most.

So who is that one horse?

The horse who lifts your spirits even on the darkest days

The horse who gives you motivation and hope for reaching the most unfathomable goals

The horse who brings you the most joy and happiness

The horse who can be the most difficult to train

The horse who teaches you patience, determination, and dedication

The horse who is the most forgiving and honest

The horse who educates you

The horse who inspires you to be the best version of yourself

The horse who helps you reach your goals

The horse who you can’t wait to see and spend time with everyday. Even if it is just checking on them or brushing them

The horse who seems to have all of it’s trust toward you

The horse that has the biggest heart and gives you their all

The horse who trains and gives you the ability and wisdom to ride other horses

They don’t have to be the prettiest. They don’t have to be the most expensive and they don’t have to be a huge money winner to be that one horse. They just have a certain demeanor about them that makes them more special to you than the others.

Who is your “one” Horse?

Mine is my beautiful 10 year old Appendix Quarter Horse mare named Ginger 🙂 She might not be the fastest barrel horse, but she sure is fierce and has the biggest heart!



Read more about Ginger here









14 thoughts on “That one horse…

  1. This is such a sweet post, you can tell you really care about the horses you work with. I’m a nurse and I feel the same way about my patients. I have actually had a few of “the one patient” experiences, where I came away from the experience feeling like they taught me something about myself.


  2. One of my all time favorite places is Assateague Island in Maryland…wild horses live there and I just love watching them. They hang out on the beach and in the campground and they are so beautiful


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