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A Look Inside my Tackroom: Part 2


First off an apology! I had originally planned on doing this series every month, but I definitely missed December so I will try to stay on track and keep doing them monthly- the holidays were in my way! Anyways.. for this month, I have been dealing with a horse who had a hock injury so this post will be somewhat injury related! I will be creating a First Aid Kit Guide here in a few weeks so stay tuned!


  1. Vet Wrap: Valley Vet Supply- $1.99


Vet Wrap is always a must! You never know when it will come in handy! It’s very useful as a bandage, tail wrap, chin strap cover, or even your stirrups if you need some extra grip! I’ve even used it on myself multiple times for sprained ankles! It’s great to have around plus I love how it’s fairly cheap and comes in multiple colors.

2. Schreiner’s Herbal Solution: Smart-Pak Spray Bottle- $16.95


My 4H leader swore by this stuff when I was younger and I’ve always loved using it! This spray is a great mix of herbs wrapped up in one bottle. The bottle contains Aloe Vera, Goldenseal’s, Comfrey,Myrrh, Cayenne, and Elder.  It’s easy to spray on scrapes, wounds, fungus, skin disorders and sore’s on your horse. Not only does it clean the wounds but it also soothes them, prevents proud flesh and keeps the flies away!

3. A Wool or Fleece Cooler: Schneider Saddlery: Wool Blend or Fleece: $54.99 


For winter riding these are my lifesaver’s. After a horse is a bit sweaty during a workout- these are amazing at wicking the moisture from the horse quickly and efficiently. I hate to put my horse away wet especially during the cold weather! I usually use them the most during the winter/early spring but they come in handy during late spring/summer for bathing especially at shows. If you need to give your horse a bath for a show or competition, they are a great way of drying your horse quickly and keeping their hair down!

4. Relentless Protective Boots- National Ropers Supply- $83.99 for Front Boots, $134.99 for all four

AA_Relentless_Sport_Lime-webThese are a must have! I barrel race, so protecting my horses legs is EXTREMELY important! There are a bunch of protective boot products on the market but Relentless has been my favorite so far. The brand was created and endorsed by the all time Rodeo Champion Trevor Brazile.  I like how the Relentless boots keep out dirt and grime from building up underneath the boot and they are very durable. I have tried multiple brands including Pro Choice and Classic Equine and I usually have dirt inside the boot when I’m done riding which seems to be uncomfortable for the horse. I highly recommend Relentless products and they come in lots of fun bright colors!

5. Professional Choice Bell Boots from National Roper’s Supply $27.99


These are my favorite bell boots I have found on the market so far. They are pretty durable and they stay in place. They are also not very bulky compared to some other brands I have tried. Pro Choice Bell boots come in many fun different colors and patterns, they even have fancy glitter boots if you want some extra bling! I personally use them for protection because my horses are bred for speed-so they have long strides and tend to overreach. It’s always a great idea to protect your horses heal bulbs and keep their shoes on.

Do you use any of these products? What items can you not live without in your tack room?


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