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Friday Memo: Live in the Present


Happy Friday!

This week has brought me a lot of ups and downs, but here are a few tidbits that I learned to focus on by the end of the week to help diminish my stress and worry. I thought I would share them with you in case you might be going through the same thing. Enjoy!

  • Try not to over think the Future:

When January hits, it seems to be a societal thing to figure out your new years goals for your future right of the bat. Well that is all fine and dandy, but focusing your thoughts and energy completely to your future can be overwhelming and sometimes a bit depressing. Yes, everyone should have some time of a game plan and aspirations, but putting a ton of pressure and thoughts on your future can be extremely stressful and daunting. I tend to fill my mind with a lot of “what if scenarios” that seem to cause more anxiety then hope for the future.

For instance, this week I have been worrying about finding a new place to live this spring and having a long distance relationship for the majority of the summer. Worrying about these future plans has caused my mind to move to worrying about this coming December which is causing me to stress about where my boyfriend and I are going to be moving once he finishes school. I seem to start of with one future concern and bounce to the next one that’s coming in the sequence, which is causing me to fill my mind with a lot of unneeded doubts and anxiety. So after stressing about the future this week I’ve been trying to focus on the present, which is my next point.

  • Live in the Present:

Living in the present is much easier said than done. In America, we are always on the go, trying to keep up with social media, trying to make deadlines, and we are constantly faced with pressure of chasing the daunting American Dream. As I mentioned above, we tend to focus all of our attention and thoughts on future plans. In my opinion, it causes stress and anxiety. I’ve always been told to live each day to the present. Yes, it’s great to have a game plan of how you are going to be at the top of your career but you also need to focus a lot of your thoughts on each day and how you are going to get through the day. Life is a beautiful thing, so appreciate each day and be thankful for each day. Take the time to count your blessings and have hope for the future.Ā  Appreciate the time each day that you take to accomplish your future goals. Be sure to focus on a small portion of your future goals each day which will help the future seem less daunting and overwhelming.

Take time to appreciate the positive little things that happen to you each day, they may seem like they don’t have much of an impact on your life as a whole, but they do impact your mood and your happiness throughout the day. Most importantly be optimistic. Some days it seems like everyone is out to get you and that you can’t accomplish anything. Sometimes little negative things like hitting every red light on the way to work, will bring you down and cause you to think that the day is off to a horrible start and isn’t worth it. Be sure to fill those negative thoughts and anxieties with positive ones. With those tough days, think of days that you felt great about yourself. Think of moments that you seemed like a super hero- unstoppable and fierce! Lastly try not to fill your present day thoughts with bad moments and memories from the past, which brings me to my next point.

  • Try not to dwell in the Past

Dwelling in the past can be a beautiful thing and a very negative thing. It is important to cherish happy memories that you have from the past, but dwelling on the negative memories can bring a lot of sadness and distress to your life. It is important to learn from your mistakes, but you also need not focus to much on those mistakes. Dwelling on mistakes in the past can lead you to break yourself down and ruin your confidence. Try to move that focus on to the positive things that have happened in your past. Focus on the blessings and the thanksgivings you have received and performed.

One of the things I have issues with is focusing on harmful things others have done to me in the past. I have a tendency to make assumptions about friends and even my significant other based on those past relations. Assumptions can be a terrible thing, especially if the person does not deserve the assumption or judgement you are giving them. It is important to give that person the benefit of the doubt. However, if they repeatedly bring you down and add negativity to your life, it is important to end those relationships and fill your life with positive people that are supportive and trustworthy.

Moving away from home, really helped me end negative relationships and eliminate those people from my life. Let’s just say you find out who your real friends are when you have distance between each other. It’s okay to eliminate those friends and relationships that cause you pain and negativity in your life. It might be hard at first, but trust me, you will be better off without them.

  • Take a Risk and Love like there’s no Tomorrow

This quote I found on Pinterest, pretty much sums this point up. I found this quote to be very inspiring.


Take a risk, my friend! Step out of your comfort zone, your daily routine and try something new and exciting! Live life to the fullest and be thankful for each experience you have! Honestly, I would rather feel something whether positive or negative then not feel anything at all. Yes, it is much easier said than done, but it’s never to late to take a risk in life. Obviously be smart about that risk, but if the opportunity arises go for it! It could be applying for that dream job that you feel that you aren’t quite ready for or simply trying a new hobby or workout. Push yourself out of that comfort zone and be excited to see the outcome.

As for “Love like there’s no Tomorrow,” just simply love life. Love the struggles you go through, love your accomplishments, love the people you surround yourself with, love your family, love the happy moments, love your hobbies, and lastly love yourself. You never know when your last day is so simply love like there is no tomorrow. When you fall in love with someone, fall deeply in love with them. Still be wise, but love them to the fullest. Learn to love their flaws and of course love the way they bring you joy.

~~~Simply take a risk and love the life you live!~~~

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9 thoughts on “Friday Memo: Live in the Present

  1. Awesome post! Great insights, really like #2. I feel like so much of the time we are either thinking about the past or future that we forget to enjoy the now. Thanks for sharing and all the best!


  2. This is a great, inspiring post to read … especially in January, when we are all so goal oriented about the upcoming year. – Trish


  3. I agree with you but I’m still a future person. I’m always planning things for next week, next month, next year, etc. I know it depresses some people but, for me, it gives me something to look forward to and keeps me happy and excited about life.


  4. These are all great pieces of advice. I particulalry need to be taking a risk more often and worry less about the future. I will be living together with my husband in the summer (and leaving a long-term care placement) and it is scary, but I really want it too.


  5. This is good food for thought. Having a focus on the present is important. Sometimes we get so pulled into thoughts of the past and have so many worries about the future that we lose sight of all the joy that’s in front of us right now. Today we are making the memories we will cherish in the future. So make them great ones!


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