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Home for the Holidays


Hello Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! Let’s just say the my Christmas vacation was lovely, hectic and a bit relaxing! It was really hard to drag myself out of bed Monday morning and adult! Sorry I’ve been a bit behind with posting, it’s been a busy week getting back to the daily grind! Here is my vacation in a nutshell:

Wednesday 23rd:

-Flew out of Salt Lake City around 10pm to Lewiston, Idaho. My mom and dad picked me up! It was great to see them. Once we arrived home I quickly ran out to the barn to greet all my horses at home. The dogs and barn cats were also very happy to see me!

Thursday 24th- Christmas Eve:

-Slept in quite a bit! My boyfriend and I spent the the early afternoon finishing some last minute Christmas shopping. I also showed him the campus where I attended college at Washington State University in Pullman (we only drove around because it was snowing pretty hard). We drove around Pullman for a bit and then ventured over to Moscow, ID. We drove around the University of Idaho’s campus and showed him downtown. We bought some delicious coffee at a local coffee shop called Bucers and headed back to my parents farm on some back-roads which gave him a pretty view of Moscow Mountain. Once we arrived home, we helped fed the horses,  finished wrapping some Christmas presents and watched the movie “Babe” with my parents.

Friday, 25th- Christmas Day

-Woke up fairly early and opened presents with my mom, dad, younger sister, and my boyfriend. Once we finished with our small family, we drove over to my Grandma’s house for a Christmas brunch with my dad’s side of the family. We ate some delicious home-made cinnamon rolls with eggs and everything you want for breakfast! Talked and caught up with my aunts, uncles and cousins. It was soo nice to see all of them! We opened presents, our family draws numbers, which is always a fun time! After things settled down we ate dinner and enjoyed some of my grandma’s homemade pies! I ate way too much as always but it was worth it! Towards the end of the evening I started coughing a bunch and came down with a slight cold, at least I was able to enjoy the food 🙂

Saturday, 26th

-Woke up with a slight cold and a froggy voice! I didn’t feel sick, but I sure sounded like I’ve spent my whole life smoking, which I haven’t! When my boyfriend and I went out to feed the horses we accidentally let the dogs out of my parents house and they went running towards the fields. We spend about an hour riding the 4 wheeler (which stopped randomly a few times) to try to catch them. They finally heard us and came running back. We spent the rest of the afternoon having a late Christmas lunch with my mom’s side of the family. It was fun catching up with my family members. We had a fun white elephant gift exchange and ate a lot of food! We also watched the Sun Bowl and WSU won! I was sooo happy!  After the family members left, my boyfriend and I drove down to Lewiston, Idaho to spend the evening with my cousin and his fiance. We played a bunch of drinking games and then finished the night going out to the bars. It was a bunch of fun! I was soo happy that my cousin who is like my big brother approved of my boyfriend!

Home Sweet Home- Kamiak Butte


Photo bombed by one of the security people at one of the Lewiston bars!

Sunday, 27th

-Started out with a major hangover and I felt very sick. My voice was pretty much gone when I woke up! We slept in until about 11am, which we rarely do! We left my cousins house, went to Dutch Brothers to grab coffee and grabbed some lunch before doing some shopping at North 40- a huge country store. It was a lot of fun looking around the new store! I drove my boyfriend around the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley and showed him the Snake River. We ended up meeting up again with my cousin and his fiance later in the afternoon where I captured some of their engagement photos. We did it near an old abandoned house out in a field. The photos turned out really well! I was feeling pretty miserable during the shoot but it was still really fun… and cold! The lighting was perfect! After we finished, we went home to my parent’s place. We ate pizza and saw the new Star Wars Movie. I actually enjoyed it!

Definitely wish there was a Dutch Bros in Utah :/

Monday, 28th

My boyfriend and I decided to take it easy on Monday. I was still pretty sick feeling so we spent the day laying on the couch watching San Andreas Fault and Sons of Anarchy. It was a nice relaxing day. After recouping I felt a bit better and we went over to a friends house for dinner with her family. It was really nice catching up with them and seeing their little boy. After we left their house, my boyfriend and I went to a bar in Moscow and played a few games of pool. I wanted to show him one of my favorite bars in the area so that was really nice.

Tuesday, 29th

I woke up feeling a lot better on Tuesday morning. We scheduled breakfast with my former roommate and close friend at the Breakfast Club in Moscow. It was fun catching up with her and the food was amazing as always! After brunch, we drove around Moscow some more and then went home. We decided to take the horses out and go riding. I also took some photos of the yearling I’m trying to sell, so I worked him in the roundpen at my parents farm in the snow. After that we saddled up my sister’s horse named Starbuck for my boyfriend and I saddled up my beloved mare Ginger. We took them out in the snow covered fields and went on a short but relaxing ride which was very cold towards the end! I could barely feel my legs! The horses rode well especially since they haven’t been worked since last fall! My parent’s took us out to dinner at a fun burger joint in Pullman, WA called Cougar Country. They seriously have the best burgers, fries and shakes! I used to work there in high school so I’m a bit biased, but I wanted my boyfriend to experience it and he approved!

Rascal playing in the snow!
A fun but cold ride in the snow!
If you ever visit Pullman, WA make sure you go here 🙂

Wednesday, 30th

My farrier came out to work on the horses that morning. They all had their hooves trimmed. After that we went and saw one of my close college friends and her family. Her little boy has grown up soo much! After visiting, we drove to Spokane, WA to hang out with one of my former roommates and close friend and her husband. We ate dinner at Applebees and went to the grocery store to purchase some champaigne and beer for the night. We played power hour, apples to apples and sorry. It was a really fun evening! We also took tons of selfies with Sarah’s selfie stick and wore our matching WSU ugly sweaters we bought in November! Go Cougs!

Our matching WSU Ugly Sweaters! GO COUGS!!!
Trying to figure out Sarah’s selfie stick!

Thursday, 31st

Sarah made us a delicious breakfast and we went to the mall afterwords. Our plan for New Years Eve was to spend the night at the magical Historic Downtown Hotel called the Davenport. We weren’t allowed to check in until 4pm so we wasted some time at the mall. The boys did a great job of “shopping” with us and they didn’t give us too many complaints! We went back to Sarah’s place and changed into fancier clothes for the hotel! We drove up to the Davenport and used the Valet parking. Lets just say we felt a bit out of place but it was fun pretending that we were rich! We checked in and explored the lobby which was absolutely stunning! So many Christmas decorations. The hotel still has it’s 1920’s theme, it literally looks like a movie setting! It was breathe taking. After we settled in we went wine tasting across the street. I’ve never been wine tasting before so it was really fun and new! I found a few wines I liked and some I did not like at all! Not a big fan of bitter wines, I definitely have a sweet tooth! After the wine tasting, we went back to the hotel and went to the Peacock Lounge. It was pricey so we only had one drink there but the lounge was gorgeous! After the lounge, we walked down the street to eat dinner at Twiggs at the mall downtown. We froze on the walk, but dinner and the cocktails were delicious! We walked back to our rooms in the hotel and changed into comfy clothes to go bar hopping. Sarah and I wore our WSU Ugly sweaters again! It was a freezing cold 15 minute walk to the bar, the weather report said it was about 2 degrees out, but the bar was packed once we arrived. It was a lot of fun and we stayed there till about 12:30 am. It was a cold walk back to the hotel but we made it and fell asleep.

The magnificent Davenport Hotel!
The lobby was so festive!

Friday, 1st

We woke up and sadly left the hotel. The Davenport seriously has the most comfortable beds that I have ever slept in! They even sell their own mattresses! Definitely something to look into once I finally get my own house! Anyways, we ate brunch at the Challet, a quaint restaurant that has everything! My boyfriend and I left Sarah’s apartment and decided to drive over to Couer D’Alene, ID before heading back to my parents. The drive was amazing! It was cold outside but sunny with lots of sparkling snow shining through the trees. We arrived at the CDA Lake and Resort. I was hoping the dock would be open so we could walk on it and see the boats but unfortunately it was closed for snow removal. The rest of the drive was lovely. My mom made an New Years Day dinner which was delicious. We finished the night packing up our things and watching a movie.

Saturday, 2nd

Waking up was bittersweet. The time at home went by really fast and I wasn’t quite ready to go back to Utah and go to work on Monday. My mom made us a nice breakfast and I said my goodbyes to all the animals and my dad before we ventured off to the airport. We grabbed some coffee at Red Star, which was amazing as always, and my mom and sister drove us to the airport. We said our goodbyes and my mom and I started tearing up at the airport before heading through security. It was a good flight and we landed safely in Salt Lake. After leaving the airport we drove to my boyfriend’s grandma’s house and visited with her briefly. We left SLC and visited his mom and his niece on our way back to Logan. Once we were closer to Logan my boyfriend decided that we needed to go check on the horses, they were happy to see us. We bought some movies and spent the rest of the night relaxing.

Goodbye Spree!
Saying goodbye to Rascal and Ginger
Leaving home on a gorgeous sunny snowy day!
Sure miss this coffee place! Coffee before driving to the airport

Overall, I was very thankful and happy that I was able to see my family and some of my friends. I wasn’t able to see everyone but hopefully I will be back in the Spring and Summer. It was a busy break at times but was also very relaxing and enjoyable. Everyone seemed to approve of my boyfriend so that was very encouraging! I definitely felt that post vacation depression on Monday when I had to wake up and adult at work!

How did you spend the holidays? Any fun events?


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