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A Year in Review- 2015


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and have exciting plans for New Years!

I still can’t believe that we are on the eve of 2016! Crazy right? Each year seems to fly by faster and faster! Since I’m still fairly new to the blogging community, I decided to do a quick recap of 2015, since I have only been blogging since November. This is a great way for you to get to know me, plus it’s fun to look at the year in a review.


Overall, 2015 has been one of my favorite years in my life! I feel like I have done so many things, and many of those things have helped me find myself. So here is a quick review of some accomplishments and favorite moments! For a more detailed introduction look at this blog post.


  • Winter of 2015
    • Promoted to a higher position at my job at Washington State University
    • Ginger and I started improving at winter schooling barrel races and won quite a few checks
    • Met some awesome friends at a barn I boarded at!10408541_10152923958784425_708966770112473132_n
  • Spring of 2015
    • Ginger and I kept up the great work and won quite a few checks at some bigger spring Barrel Races
    • Saw a Miranda Lambert Concert with one of my best friends!

      Miranda Lambert Concert!
    • Decided to pursue a new career path over 9 hours away from home in South Eastern Idaho training reining horses
    • Moved to Idaho Falls, first time being over 20 minutes away from home (parents farm in Eastern Washington) and first time not having friends or family nearby
    • Learned a bunch about training reining horses, the training industry, and showing reining horses
    • Lost weight (15+ pounds) from being on my feet all day
    • Met an amazing guy (read more here)
    • Focused training/riding Forest in my downtime
    • Met new friends and a bunch of new people
    • Found my way around a new town! Lets just say I got lost a bunch of times, thank God for Siri!!
    • Went on a motorcycle ride to Jackson Hole Wyoming and saw the Tetons! First bike ride that was over a half hour long!

      Jackson Hole!
  • Summer of 2015
    • Had a few more reining shows under my belt- visited a gorgeous facility in Livingston, Montana!
    • Learned a lot more about training horses, doctoring, breeding and teaching clients
    • The amazing guy I mentioned earlier finally made us official and asked me to be his girlfriend around the end of June 🙂
    • Had some fun adventures hanging out with his friends and explored Idaho Falls and the surrounding towns more!10550833_10153144652704425_7134217524747067375_n
    • Watched a bunch of motocross and went to some stock car races at the track!
    • Went on an another Motorcycle ride to West Yellowstone! My first time being there!


    • Took Forest to a few barrel races, he improved quite a bit for the few races we attended
    • Went to the Braun Brothers Reunion (Country Music festival) in a little town called Challis, ID and explored the area there
    • Fell in love
    • Breezed Forest on the race track! Awesome moment!
    • Decided that the horse training job wasn’t the best fit for me, started looking for new opportunities back home and in Logan, Utah where my boyfriend is finishing up school
  • Fall 2015
    • Visited Logan, UT
    • Took a fun drive up Logan Canyon and explored Bear Lake with my boyfriend! While visiting Logan before moving back home temporarily
    • Moved back home for about 2-3 weeks
    • Competed on Forest at the NW NBHA State Finals race
    • Received and accepted a job offer at Utah State University!
    • Moved down to Logan, Utah
    • Started working my new job

      View from my office window!
    • Found a better place to board two of my horses- Roxy and Forest
    • Went on a few hikes in Logan Canyon and explored the Cache Valley with my boyfriend
    • Took Forest to a big race in Ogden Utah, one 2 huge checks on him!12109739_10153445219154425_2777036910964067217_o
    • Met many of my boyfriends college friends and some new people at the University
    • Celebrated Halloween! We were the Hunter and Deer Couple!10151187_10153470363204425_5881155586894535479_n
    • Went to another Barrel Race in South Jordan, UT
  • Winter 2015
    • Joined the blogging community!
    • Visited Salt Lake City as a fun shopping day for myself!
    • Celebrated Thanksgiving in Salt Lake with my boyfriends family
    • Went to my first military event- Army Dining Out in Ogden, UT and had a blast!img_6926
    • Flew back home for Christmas to visit family and friends!
    • Showed my boyfriend the area I call home!
    • Celebrating New Years in Spokane, WA at the Davenport Hotel!

Here are a few not so not so happy moments!

  • Started off the year with some frustrating and bumpy relationships with a few guys but finally found a great one later on!
  • Had to miss the spring Futurities on Forest because he had a mysterious lameness last fall/ winter!
  • Fell off Ginger at a huge barrel race in the spring.. so embarrassing!
  • Found out some not-so-great-things about the horse industry
  • Finding out who your real friends are when you move away
  • Coping with not being near family members and close friends
  • Decided that reining was not the riding discipline for me, I’m too much of an adrenaline junkie, hence why I love barrel racing!
  • Worked with a lot of negative people at the horse training job- another reason why I started looking for new jobs
  • Working my tail off for little money- woes of being an assistant horse trainer
  • Having to leave Ginger, Spree and Rascal at the farm back home due to financial costs
  • Had quite the chaotic move getting settled in Logan. Apartment search and finding a suitable boarding place for the horses

 ~Well that pretty much sums up my year in a nutshell! Bring it on 2016!! Stay tuned for my 2016 goals! How was 2015 for you?~




23 thoughts on “A Year in Review- 2015

  1. What an amazing, whirlwind year! I loved reading about your fun adventures. And congratulations on your beautiful new blog! Many good wishes are sent your way for a fantastic 2016. 🙂


  2. 2015 sounds like it was a great year for you! From getting promoted, losing weight, to your checks with Ginger! I hope 2016 is as good!


  3. This is the first time I have been to your blog, hi! It’s awesome when I find another blogger who lives close (I live in Salt Lake City)! It sounds like you had an amazing year full of adventures and I’m jealous you went to the Tetons. That is on my list for this year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Shannon! Thank you! I’ve noticed there are a few bloggers from SLC, which is really cool! I’m new to Utah so trying to get settled in here and I’m starting to get a little bit more familar with the area. SLC is really pretty though! I loved visiting City Creek. I still have a lot to explore in SLC, I haven’t been to many places there.
      You should definitely try to visit the Tetons, they are amazing! Very different from a lot of Mountains I’ve seen. We didn’t spend a whole lot of time around there so I’m hoping to this summer 🙂


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