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Meet my Horses


Hi Everyone!

Since horses are a big part of my life, I thought I would write a post introducing them to you! That way if I reference them in the future you have a little bit of background information. I currently own 5 horses, I have two down here in Utah and the other three are back home in Washington at my parent’s farm.





Barn Name: Spree

Registered Name: Smokes Mackay

Breed: American Paint Horse


Sex: Mare

Age: 17

Pedigree: link

Skills/Disciplines: Western Equitation/Pleasure, English Equitation/Pleasure, Halter/Showmanship, Trail, Speed events such as barrels and poles, reining, team penning, cow working.

Quirks: Bossy

Background: I’ve owned Spree for over 12 year now! We bought her when I was in Junior High to replace my former show horse. I used Spree in 4H and open shows. She helped me win many ribbons, trophies and prizes, she even helped me qualify for our 4H State fair numerous times and we competed their twice. She is one of those rare all around mares that excelled in the show ring but you could also run barrels and poles on her. Spree was a difficult horse to work with but she is one tough competitor! You could put that mare in any discipline and she excelled. She taught me a lot about gaining respect from horses who are dominate. She currently is at my parent’s farm on retirement, she has a bit of arthritis in her knee so light riding only. She has produced one lovely colt about a year ago. πŸ™‚


Photo Credit: Bill Lawless
Photo Credit: Pixel Dust Studio
Photo Credit: Bryce Cain

Barn Name: Ginger

Registered Name: Vals Quarter

Breed: Appendix Quarter Horse

Color: Sorrel

Sex: Mare

Age: 9

Pedigree: link

Skills/Disciplines: Barrel Racing and Pole Bending

Quirks: Spooky- She is literally scared of her own shadow some days!

Background: Ginger was one of those spur of the moment decisions, that I warn most horse people against! I was at a horse auction during my senior year of High School and begged my parents to let me buy a prospect since horses were selling really cheap. I wanted to buy a yearling, train and sell it as a 2 or 3 year old to earn some money. I quickly looked through the sale catalog and came across Ginger’s information. I waited for her to enter the sale pen and purchased her for a whopping $300! I didn’t even look at her beforehand. Luckily it worked out! I had originally planned on selling her after a year or two, but something about her made me change my mind. I decided to sell my other prospect horse that I had at the time instead. Ginger was a lanky horse when she was 2/3 years old but was really fun to train. While I was in college, I had a trainer break her to ride and then I worked with a reining trainer to help build a really solid foundation. My plan was to place a strong reining foundation on her and then train her to run barrels so she could be my future rodeo horse. Once she was 5/6 years old I started running barrels on her. Last spring and the summer before she won me quite a bit of money. She is currently at my parents farm but I’m hoping to bring her down to Utah this spring so I can continue running barrels on her this coming summer. She is the most athletic and flexible horse I have ever been around. She is very quick, catty and sensitive so you have to be one step ahead of her at all times! Ginger is one fierce little mare but boy she is spooky! She has taught me the most and we have quite a strong bond. It’s hard not being able to see her every day…





Barn Name: Roxy

Registered Name: Rockalishus

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Brown

Sex: Mare

Age: Β 3

Pedigree: link

Skills: Barrel Prospect

Quirks: She is really smart, so you have to keep her busy or she will outsmart you

Background: I bought Roxy shortly after I graduated from college 2 years ago. My plan for her is to make her into a futurity prospect for barrel racing. So far I have done all of the training on her. I broke her to ride last October when she was 2 years old. When I lived in Idaho Falls this spring/summer, she stayed at my parents farm so she is a bit behind in her training. My goal is to futurity her as a 5 year old, so this winter I have been trying to get her back up to speed (she is with me here in Utah). So far she has come back great from where we left of last winter. She is the sweetest filly and is really easy to train. Roxy is very smart and has a great work ethic. I have great hopes for her in the future! Her half sister has been excelling at barrel races in the Northwest so I’m hoping she follows in her sister’s footsteps. She is bred to run and is very fast and gritty when she plays out in the pasture!


Photo Credit: Action Plus Photos



Barn Name: Forest

Registered Name: Forest On Fire

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Palomino

Sex: Gelding

Age: Β 5

Pedigree: link

Skills: Barrel Racing

Quirks: Cinchy

Background: I’ve owned Forest for about a year and a half. He is a gigantic Palomino who is almost 17 hands tall! He looks like a warm blood! It’s a mystery where he received his size and height from! His full sister is only about 15 hands tall! Anyways,Β  I purchased him to be my futurity prospect this year (2015) but he was lame last winter so I gave him time off until that spring. So far he has been staying sound and we have created quite the bond in the last few months. I brought him down to Idaho Falls with me so it was nice to be able to just focus on training him when I was living there. He is in Utah with me right now. I was only able to take him to a few races last summer and we went to a few this fall. He is coming along great and has almost won enough money to be out of Novice Horse status! I’m hoping to enter him in a bunch of Maturity competitions this spring and summer so we have a lot of work to do this winter to be ready for those. My goal is for him to be my future rodeo horse and hopefully he will be the one to help me fill my professional permit! Time will tell!





Barn Name: Rascal

Registered Name: Gunsmoke In My Step

Breed: American Paint Horse

Color: Sorrel

Sex: Gelding

Age: Β 1

Pedigree: link

Skills: Reining or Barrel Racing Prospect

Quirks: Was a bit nippy as a baby!

Background: Rascal is very special to me. Spree is Rascal’s dam and he is the first horse that I bred and raised. I was even lucky enough to see his birth, which was quite the experience! It has been fun to see him grow up! I currently have him for sale, if anyone is interested let me know! He is going to be a really fun horse, very smart and athletic! His sire is a successful reiner who has a great mind. Rascal will make someone a great prospect horse for reining, cow working or even barrel racing. It will be hard to sell him once I find a buyer!

Well that’s it for now! Please like my Facebook Page, CLF Performance Horses for updates on these horses and sale items! Show season is quickly approaching!

I would love to see photos of horses you own or ride! It’s fun learning about everyone’s horses, they are so special to us and each one has their own personality! Email me at clfleenerphotography@gmail.com and I can feature you in a blog post!


18 thoughts on “Meet my Horses

    1. Thank you! I captured that photo! I’m in the process of updating my photography blog and will hopefully get the rest of the photographs up from that day! That was over a year ago too!


  1. Wow, girl! I’m super impressed. Your horses are stunning and TALENTED. Not to mention, YOU! I’d love to have a farm with some horses one day, not for sport but just light riding and to live out their days happy and somewhere peaceful.

    Thanks so much for sharing, I enjoyed reading about them, especially their little quirks. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you! They are fun, it’s always just nice to go out on a trail ride with them. Very peaceful! They all have their quirks so it’s fun to share them!


    1. That is one place I have always wanted to go to! The books about Misty were my favorite as a kid! Definitely on my bucket list to visit there!


  2. This is awesome! I should introduce our horses sometime πŸ™‚ I am a beauty blogger but my horses are a huge part of my life- I am a EAP/EAGALA licensed psychotherapist. PhD. My black and white paint mare is a dominant…she’s seriously the best but a P.I.M.A for sure some days πŸ™‚


    1. It’s fun! I seem to talk about them all the time! Yes mares can be quite a challenge sometimes! I enjoy them though, I like having a challenge to work with!


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