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Army Dining Out Event

Army Dining outHappy Monday Everyone!

Last weekend, I went to my very first military event! My boyfriend’s Army unit had a Dining-Out Event on Saturday night. It was an absolute blast!

I must admit that I was a bit worried about the event when he invited me to join him last month. I wasn’t sure what to expect, what to wear, and how I would fit in. However, all of those worries went away when the dinner started.

Dinner Prep.

Early Saturday morning, I dropped my boyfriend off so he could catch a ride with some of his army buddies to drill before the event. I went back home and fell asleep for a few hours before I had my nail and hair appointment. I’m pretty sure the last time I attended a formal event was for prom, so I decided to spoil myself by getting my nails and hair done! I had to schedule separate appointments at the salon, so I had my nails done first. I did shellac for the first time so that was fun! I think they turned out well for me being a nail bitter 🙂


After I had my nails done I ran a few errands and had lunch before my hair styling appointment. I decided to have my hair styled off to the side, with an accent braid and curls of course. It was fun and relaxing! I wish I had a hair stylist everyday!

Not the best photos but here a glimpse of what it looked like!



After I had my hair styled, I drove about an hour to the hotel and met up with my boyfriend. We had a few hours before the dinner, so he was helping his lieutenant set up some items in the ballroom. We also noticed that my boyfriend’s white shirt was missing from his garment bag so we drove back to the unit where he had drill earlier to pick it up! Let’s just say that was a bit of a stressful situation! He had it out earlier that day to show his squad what their uniforms needed to look like. Luckily we noticed it at least an hour and a half before. Once we arrived back at the hotel we changed and added a few finishing touches before heading back down to the ballroom.

The Dinner

The Dining out event was held at a historic hotel in Northern Utah that had a lovely ballroom where the dinner was at. My boyfriend was in charge of the Army grog, both an alcoholic and a non alcoholic celebratory/punishment punch (friday night we did some last minute shopping :). They served a 3 course meal and we watched the color guard, an inspirational video and had a ceremony for those who received rank promotions. It was nice to finally put a face to many names I have heard over the last few months! I really enjoyed meeting the soldiers in his squad, the other sergeants, his lieutenant, and other officers. It was also nice to meet some of his closest friends in the unit and meet their girlfriends and wives. I really enjoyed seeing the comradery amongst everyone in the unit! Not to mention my boyfriend looked extremely handsome in his dress uniform. It was fun seeing everyone dressed up!



After the dinner we hung out with some of my boyfriend’s friends and their girlfriends. We had a fun time hearing a bunch of stories from the guys. I was able to talk to the other girls about similar issues we both were facing in trying to understand the effects of deployment. It was nice knowing that we weren’t alone in trying to help support our significant others. After we hung out at the hotel for a few hours we decided to make a late night pizza run. So we walked in our formal attire and had some amazingly delicious pizza!
It was a great weekend and I had tons of fun at the event. It really hit hard to me how special it is that my boyfriend is so passionate about the Army, our country and his fellow soldiers. It was such a blessing to be at his side during the dinner. Plus I learned a lot about his unit, the Army and what combat engineers do 🙂


How was your weekend? Any fun Events?


24 thoughts on “Army Dining Out Event

  1. It looks like you had so much fun! My husband is in the Marine Corps and I was super nervous when I attended my first Marine Corps ball with him last year. We had a blast and I’m so excited to go next year 🙂


    1. Thank you Keating, it was a blast! I read your blog post from the Marine Corps ball and your dress was gorgeous! I forgot how much fun it is to get all dressed up, plus it was great seeing the men in their dress uniforms!


  2. The annual dining out is the only thing I like about my husband being in the Army!! haha I love getting to buy a new dress each year. Though your event spot looks much fancier than where his has been in the past!


    1. Yeah it was a fun time! I love dress shopping! It was a nice hotel, the rooms were a bit odd (not as fancy as the rest of the hotel) but where the dinner was held it was really fancy!


  3. What a gorgeous dress and your hair looked amazing..! Glad you got to experience this, I’ve yet to attend any balls b/c he’s been deployed and we live in separate countries! It’s nice to have that support group!


  4. I went to my first Army outing for my boyfriends unit just a couple weeks ago, and I was so nervous to meet everyone. But it turned out to be so much fun, and it definitely made me even more proud of what he does. I can definitely relate to how helpful it is talking to the other women! Glad you had fun 🙂


    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun! I was really nervous about picking out my outfit and meeting everyone, but everyone was really nice! It was fun putting a face to all the soldiers my boyfriend talks about. I really enjoyed meeting all the other women too, it was a blast!


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