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December Goals

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Hello Everyone!

Boy, this week sure has been flying by! Can you believe it is already December? I sure can’t! It sure has been cold here and definitely feels like winter! This week I’ve been waking up to single digit temperatures! This morning was a bit warmer with it being 13 degrees out! I was not ready for it to be this cold!

Thanksgiving recap

Thanksgiving was a bit different than my normal family tradition (See previous post), but change is good! It was nice meeting some of my boyfriends family and getting to get to know his parents and his sister better. I really like his family! We spent the rest of the break watching a bunch of hockey games and football! It was pretty relaxing.


This weekend is my first Army Dining out event. I’m really excited to meet some of the soldiers in my boyfriends unit. It will be nice to put a face with some of their names, for future drill stories! The event is on Saturday, so I am getting my nails and hair done before driving down to the hotel/event center where it will be held. Don’t worry we will try to take plenty of pictures!

I have bought most of my Christmas presents for my family so I will be busy tidying them up this month. I can’t believe Christmas is almost here! 4 weeks! I’m literally counting down the days until I get to go home and see my family! I can’t wait 🙂 I will be busy scheduling times to meet with friends/family and planning sites to show my boyfriend, since this will be his first time visiting the area. I’m extremely excited to show him how beautiful home is!

Not only does December mean the holidays, but it is also the start of the National Finals Rodeo in LAS VEGAS, which starts TONIGHT on CBS Sports. 10 nights of talented and exciting rodeo! I’m excited to see who wins the barrel racing world title! I bummed I’m not going down to Vegas this year to watch, hopefully next year I will be able to go!

November Goals recap:

Well lets just say, November was a difficult month for me. I pretty much failed all the goals I set except for riding my horses and working out maybe 2-3 times a week.  My head just wasn’t in the right place last month and my motivation was really weak. I think the change of cold weather brought some slight depression and moving to a new place really sunk in.

Anyways, this month my main goals are to be motivated, healthy active and responsible! I’m also feeling like I’m gaining weight again, which is probably because I now have an office job where I’m at a desk all day. Last spring and summer, I had a very active job training and working with horses so I lost a bunch of weight (15-20 pounds). I really do not want to gain that weight back again! I feel like confessing this to all of you will help me stay accountable! Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!

Here are my December Goals:

~Be motivated, healthy active and responsible

~Wake up a half hour early each day so I can eat a better breakfast, prepare my coffee and tea and have some time to relax before work instead of rushing- A November goal that only happened a few times

~Continue working out 3-4 times a week

~Meal Planning

~Eating healthier to try to lose weight

~Stick to my strict budget so I have extra spending money for my trip back home this month, keep extra spending on eating out and coffee drinks to a minimum

~Finishing scheduling and planning my trip back home at the end of the month

~Continue riding both of my horses 3-4 times a week

~Start advertising Photography services and Horse Riding lessons


What are some of your goals this month? Any fun holiday plans?


14 thoughts on “December Goals

  1. I can fully understand not reaching goals (especially when it starts to get cold out), but I love that you’re keeping on with creating more goals. It’s great that you are posting them for accountability too! My goals are to keep myself organized and stress free during the holiday season. My hubs and I have family all over so holidays can get stressful for sure


    1. Thank you Danielle! Those are both very good goals! The Holiday season can be so much fun but it can be very stressful! I hope everything goes smoothly for you!


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