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8am on a Monday

8am on a monday 8.8x6.3

Good Morning everyone, Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great relaxing weekend. This weekend I was pretty proud of myself for keeping busy while my boyfriend was away at Drill for the Army.

Friday night: I went on a run after work and then watched coverage of what was going on in Paris, France. Click here to see my blog post on the events. After blogging, I texted my boyfriend saying that I love him and he called me on his way back town.IMG_6764 He drove back from Drill so he could play at his hockey league’s game at 10:15pm, talk about dedication! I of course grabbed some Starbucks coffee, (Creme Brulee is in season:) and my blanket and went to watch the hockey game. They finally won, so it was a great game! I’m starting to really enjoy watching hockey! We hung out afterwords and he had to wake up early the next morning to drive about 40 minutes back to drill.

Forest looking handsome, as always!

Saturday: I slept in until about 10am, my boyfriend’s bed is super comfy and larger than mine so that was nice! After waking up, I went and grabbed more Starbucks and stopped by my place to change before heading out to the barn. It was a gorgeous day, mid 50’s and sunny out! Pretty rare for the middle of November! I was able to ride my horses out in the outdoor arena, so that was great! I rode Forest, my 5 year old Quarter Horse first for about an hour and a half. He was definitely loving the weather and was a bit fresh, so we had a slight tune up session! He was working great towards the end though! 12241198_10153491486209425_8160761166766018591_nAfter riding Forest, I threw my saddle on my 3 year old Quarter Horse filly named Roxy. Roxy is still quite green so Saturday was the first time I rode her by herself in the outdoor arena. She was a bit fresh on the lungline, but calmed down after about 15 minutes on lunging. I rode her at the walk and trot and we worked on steering and circles. I even asked her to collect her head vertically while moving at the walk and trot and she did great! I’m really pleased with how quickly she is learning everything! After being out at the barn for about 4 hours, I went grocery shopping and then went home. I made Chocolate Chip Banana Bread that night, did laundry and watched Magic Mike 2. I was a bit disappointed with Magic Mike, I liked the first one much better.

Miss Roxy!

Sunday: I forced myself to attend a new church. I haven’t been to a church service in a long time, so I found a church online that is similar to my parents church back home. I grabbed more Starbucks and reluctantly drove to the church. You wouldn’t believe the excuses that I had running through my mind to not go! It was a bit ridiculous! Once I got there, I felt more at ease. Everyone was really nice and welcoming and the church was almost identical to my parents church back home! The worship band was lovely and the pastor was intriguing to listen to and he had a great sense of humor. He talked about God’s blessings and promises. After attending, I was very glad I went. I needed something new to my routine and I will try my best to go back. I had lunch and went home and changed and went back out to the barn to ride. It was a bit more windy then it was on Saturday, but still in the 50’s and sunny out. I worked Forest on some barrel racing drills in the outdoor. He worked very well and really loves his job! I lunged and rode Roxy. We worked on similar things that we did on Saturday. I worked her on circles around the barrels and she caught on really well. She’s a natural, so it is really encouraging to see how much she will improve in the future! I’m hoping to futurity her when she is 5 years old. After riding I hung out at home for a bit and then went over to watch the guys play darts at my boyfriends house, once he arrived home from drill. That was fun, we ended the night watching a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy and then I went home.

Overall, it was a busy but great weekend! Thanksgiving is quickly approaching so I’m hoping this week goes by fast! Here is a fun quote that I found this weekend. 12227205_943318839094127_8481705327419257229_n

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?



11 thoughts on “8am on a Monday

  1. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. That’s great that you tried a new church! I’ve been wanting to take my family to one for a long time, but keep making excuses. You gave me the push I needed.


    1. Oh good, I’m glad! It’s hard but I kept convincing myself that I would regret not going, but boy I sure had a bunch of excuses flying through my head. So I’m glad I went. The sermons always seem to have a funny way of relating to something I struggle with during the week. So it’s very encouraging and worth it. I also texted my best friend telling her that I was nervous about going and she told me to just go and that I was being silly. So the accountability helped encourage me 🙂


  2. Your little ponehs are so cute! 🙂 I love them! My first mare was a palomino Paint. I love Forest’s color! My second horse, Reebok, was a quarter horse with similar coloring to Roxy. He was 16.3 though!


    1. Thanks Allie! I’ve always wanted a palomino paint, how fun! That’s awesome, I really like Roxy’s color. During the summer she lightens up with some dun/buckskin highlights. Forest is about 16.3 hands too! I love tall horses, but I’m hoping Roxy will be around 15.2 hands!


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