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November Goals

November Goals

My first week of November was a bit challenging. My boyfriend was really busy with school so we weren’t able to see each other as much as I would have liked. We were also in the process of planning our Christmas trip back home, so I was a bit overwhelmed and emotional last week. Plus the time change might have added a bit more stress! Since I’m a horse person, I always get a little depressed during daylight savings time because I do not like getting off work and it being dark outside.

Last Saturday I went to Salt Lake City to go dress shopping for an Army Dining Out event in December. Since I’m new to the military and their events, I wasn’t really sure what type of dress to look for. I went to Nordstroms first, (big mistake) and found this gorgeous dress that was about a $100 over what I wanted to spend. I tried on a bunch of other dresses but couldn’t resist trying the spendy dress. Once I tried it on, I knew it was the dress I wanted for the event. It’s a fun but classy dress, definitely reminds me of something Serena from Gossip Girl would wear. It is a dark blue, with a beaded top and flowy bottom, extremely comfy and fun.

A catalog photo of what the dress looks like 🙂

I went to Macys and found another dress, completely a different style than the one I loved from Nordstroms, but I thought it was a bit edgy for the event. It had a lower neck line and just had a different look. I called my mom after sending her photos and she said that she would help pay for part of the Nordstroms dress, so I was really happy and thankful about that. It was really hard going dress shopping alone, I’ve always gone dress shopping with my mom in the past so it was a bitter-sweet feeling. After talking to my boyfriend about my dress purchase, he was a bit disappointed that I spent so much. We worked it out and I told him I could wear it to other events and that I really loved this dress, so he became more supportive about it. The rest of the weekend was nice. We took it easy this weekend and stayed in each night instead of going to any parties or the bars. I enjoyed just getting to spend a relaxing evening with my boyfriend. We also slept in a bit each morning.

With that being said, I will need to watch my budget this month so I decided to write-up these November goals:

~Wake up a half hour early each day so I can eat a better breakfast, prepare my coffee and tea and have some time to relax before work instead of rushing

~Limit myself to buying only one coffee drink a week. (I need to get in the habit of preparing my own coffee and tea at home, even if it doesn’t taste as good)

~Limit myself to eating out only once a week ( bring lunches to work so I don’t eat on campus)

~Set a budget and stick to it the rest of the month

~Start saving up money for December to buy Christmas presents and save up money for my trip back home

~Workout 3-4 times a week

~Ride both of my horses 3-4 times a week

~Start Reading more than watching tv/Netflix ( pick up a new book and read the bible more

~Stop making so many assumptions that bring unnecessary negativity.

~Be more positive and thankful, it is the month of Thanksgiving 🙂

What are some of your goals this month?

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