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Old Cowboy Boots & New Dirt

Yes, for all of you Jason Aldean fans I know my blog’s name is similar to his “Old Boots New Dirt” song. For those of you who have never heard of that song you should listen to it. That song hit home to me last spring as I decided to embark on a huge adventure and move over 8 hours away from home to a place where I had no family or friends around the area.

This blog is about my adventures finding new “dirt” being away from home and finding myself, meeting new friends and venturing through a relationship with a great man that I’ve already found on this journey.

So Why Old Cowboy Boots and New Dirt?

Riding in the Palouse Hills a few years back

Well I grew up on a farm in Eastern Washington and graduated from Washington State University in 2013. I called the Palouse region home for 25 and a half years of my life being surrounded by friends and family. “Dirt” has always been a big influence in my life. My parents rely on the soil in the Palouse to make a living every year growing wheat, barely, peas, timothy hay and chickpeas. Forget sandboxes, I grew up playing in the dirt as I had numerous fields and pastures to explore and build things in the dirt with my matchbox cars and toy horses. Yes, I was a bit of a tomboy growing up.


As for “Cowboy boots,” I developed a deep love and passion at an early age for horses. Little did I know, that passion would last into my mid twenties as I still ride, train and compete with my horses in barrel racing and other speed events. Yes, I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie. Horses are my biggest joy in life, they give me a drive and incentive to keep carrying on, especially when life gives you struggles and bumps along the way.

Kamiak Butte- Palouse, WA

My horses are always there for you and they know immediately when you are having a bad day. They always seem to understand the pain you are experiencing and the best thing is you don’t have to explain it to them, they just know. They are amazing animals and I am thankful everyday that God created them for us. I would feel lost and hopeless in my life without them.

Another hobby of mine is photography. I love photography. I mainly enjoy photographing landscapes and horses (obviously) but I enjoy capturing moments for friends and family. Writing, reading and painting are other hobbies that I would like to find myself more involved in.

April of 2015

April of 2015 was definitely a life changing month for me, one that has impacted my life in a positive way so far. I received a job offer at a horse training facility down in Idaho Falls, ID. I decided to leave my adult job and blossoming career at Washington State University and become an low paid and over worked assistant horse trainer at a reining training barn. Call me crazy but I decided to do it. At the time I was frustrated with men in my area, recently had a bunch of bad luck with a few who I thought were decent guys. I was tired of working in an office all day and just getting bored with the area that I have lived in for so long. I figured that I was not going to let myself get sucked in the hole of the Palouse, the one where no one leaves the area and spends the rest of their life there. Don’t get me wrong, the Palouse is a lovely place, but I appreciate it’s beauty more now that I do not spend every day waking up to it! I just felt that if I was going to venture out of the Palouse nest, this was the right time to do it. Being 25, single, and excited for a new fresh chapter of life, I moved down to Idaho Falls at the end of the month.

Easier said than done, Idaho Falls was a big step for me. It was the first time I had lived more than a half hour away from my family. Not to mention the first time I had lived well over 8 hours from my closest friends! Luckily the training facility felt like a big family, which of course brought lots of drama and everyone knew everybody’s business. I guess that’s the woes of working at the same place where you lived. Getting to sleep in and not having to drive to work everyday was a big bonus though!

Good ol Tinder…

As a few weeks went by, I started feeling a want to get to know new people in the area. So I uploaded and created a profile on basically a popular “hook up site” that starts with a T, yes ummmmm…..Tinder. I had used Tinder in the past back home but never had any good luck with it. Guys are weird on that app! Idaho Falls, wasn’t much different at first until I ended up matching with my current boyfriend. Let’s just say he was a diamond in the rough!

Good things really do happen when you least expect it:

After texting back and forth with this mystery man, he offered to take me out on a for dinner, ie: date. Let’s just say I was extremely nervous. #1: I was scared to meet up with a stranger in a new town, #2: I have been out of the dating game for a while, and #3: who isn’t jittery before first time date?

Visiting Yellowstone Park :)
Visiting Yellowstone Park this summer πŸ™‚
Swan Valley, ID

He picked me up and we went to a nice little Mexican Restaurant in downtown. Let’s just say we both hit it off immediately, it felt like we had been friends for years. The rest of the evening he drove me around Idaho Falls, showing me around the town since he grew up there. We went to a fun local bar and played pool and called it a night. Let’s just say I haven’t had that much fun in a long time! Perfect date in my opinion. When he dropped me off at the gate at “Home” I was a bit nervous and kind of avoided his kiss. Let’s just say it was a bit awkward mainly because I’m horrible at those cues when first seeing someone and I didn’t want my boss or coworker to see us! haha! After the kiss, I didn’t expect much to happen, classic well that was fun but I definitely blew it at the end type of ideas ran through my head. When I received a text from him the next day I about leaped with joy. Ever since that date we went on many local adventures, such as exploring Jackson Hole Wyoming, Yellowstone and other fun places around Idaho Falls. I was able to meet his friends that he grew up with and we had many fun nights with them. We hung out with his family which was a blast and went to stock car races with them. I even was brave enough to ride on the back of his motorcyle! Let’s just say the summer of 2015 was definitely one of my favorite summers. We became an official couple in June and just fell in love with each other the rest of the summer. I have always wanted a summer romance.

Fall of 2015

Mountains in the Cache Valley- Utah

After a short adventurous summer, the dawning of my boyfriend going back to school in Utah quickly approached. Towards the end of the summer at the training facility, they were experiencing business issues and it just wasn’t the type of job/experience I had hoped for. Not to mention my budget was extremely tight and my student loans keep on haunting me! I started formulating plans and ideas for my next step. My boyfriend and I both talked and we decided that moving down to Utah would be a good decision, especially since there were many job listings at the University. I thought of going home and applying for jobs there but there wasn’t as many opportunities. I also had the option of staying in Idaho Falls since I applied for a few jobs there. Long story short, I accepted a job at USU and moved down to Utah. We decided to live separately in our own places which, in my opinion, was a good decision. We are very close but it is nice to have some space especially since he is going to school and needs his own time to study. So far it has been a good decision. I never thought I would ever live in Utah! Luckily I have 2 of my horses and the scenery is gorgeous down here! Tons of barrel races. It has however, been an adjustment. I was able to see my family and friends back home before making the transition from IF to Logan but it was a rushed and hurried two weeks back home. Moving away from home always has it’s challenges and it has been different since my boyfriends friends are still in the college zone of life. I feel like there is more of a separation between lifestyles if that makes sense, more so than in Idaho Falls because he was working just as much as I was. So it has been different, but challenges and changes can be good.

Winter of 2015:

My happy place!

November has quickly hit and the excitement of the coming holidays has set in! I’m liking my job but it has been a bit stressful especially during the weeks where my boyfriend has a heavy school work load. He also is gone once a weekend for drill while he is still serving in the army reserves. Yes, my boyfriend is a veteran he was deployed twice and is finally finishing up his last year and a half of school. I have been excited to start searching for a dress to wear to his unit’s Army Dining out event in December. Tomorrow I’m going to Salt Lake City and going dress shopping!

I have also been busy planning our trip back home to see my family during Christmas and hanging out with my friends while I’m home for a week and a half. I can’t wait to go home! We are spending Thanksgiving with my boyfriends family in Salt Lake City. I’m also very excited for that!

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  1. Congratulations on your many accomplishments this year! Please thank your boyfriend for his service from me and my family. Looking forward to getting to know you more (and I also love Jason Aldean) πŸ™‚


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